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Karakin Best Landing Drop Spots for Loot PUBG

So you’re looking for the best places to land in Karakin PUBG? Well, we’ve been playing flat out the last week to bring you this guide on the best drop spots in PUBGs Season 6 map, Karakin.

Karakin is the smallest map ever released by PUBG devs. It features tonnes of close-range engagements. It truly is a great map for fast-paced, fun-filled action. The map also features some unique traits such as destructible environments and all-new Sticky Bomb explosives. 

This guide will take you through the top places to land for loot in Karakin. We list a total of 6 places that are the best spots. In addition, we have also marked these areas on the map so it’s easy to quickly find them if you’re just about to hop into a game.

Karakin Best Drop Spots for Loot PUBG

Below the map, we discuss each area and why each area is a great landing spot. 

Were fond believers in landing in areas outside of main settlements. You’ll always find little gems by exploring outside of the go-to places. This is why we suggest Jamilla Textiles buildings as our number 1 spot.

Jamilla Textiles Buildings(West of Al Hayik)

Just west of Al Hayik lies a small settlement. It features a building at the center of the settlement called Jamilla Textiles. This building can only be accessed by destroying the entry points with a C4 or Sticky Bomb. You can normally find these Sticky Bombs on the roof of the building or in the nearby garage. 

Inside Jamilla, there is a good chance high-value loot will spawn. In fact, the Jamilla Textile buildings have the same loot level as the tunnel systems. This means that you are guaranteed high-level loot such as weapons, armor and healing items.

The best reason to land here is that it’s off the radar and not many people land here. Meaning you get easy kills and great loot. 

Al Habar

Lying in the very northwest of Karakin. Al Habar is home to tall apartment blocks and tight roads. This gives players a lot of narrow lines of sight and fast-paced, close-quarters combat. 

The loot level is not bad here either with many rooms and rooftops to loot from. The best advantage of landing in Al Habar is the ability to get the higher ground quickly. So when you drop, pick up some loot and run for the rooftops. The rooftops and many balconies give you a tactical advantage looking over the many towns and open fields.


Bashara lies to the west of Karakin. It usually has a tonne of loot such as Assault Rifles. So it’s a great place to drop if you need a decent weapon and fast. The best spot to land in Bashara is probably the big block of apartments near the water supply tank.

A smart tactic is to drop near the tank and make your way into the apartment block. Make your way up to the top of the building and clear it out. The high balconies near the top give you a great lookout over the whole of Bashara. 

When you have cleared the area, make your way across to the large warehouse where there is normally plenty more loot. However, be careful, because this warehouse is a hotspot.

Hadiqa Nemo

From the west coast all the way to the east coast. Hadiqa Nemo is an old and run-down coastal town. The town is small and snug with both high rise and short buildings. More toward the coast, there are many crates to loot from.

On the very coastline of Hadiqa, there is a pier you can take advantage of if you see many people dropping into the town itself. 

The best plan of action when dropping in Hadiqa is to land on the pier and make your way into the town. If you find good loot in the pier, take to the mountains surrounding the town to easily pick off people running out of the town.

Al Hayik

Thinking of heading south this time? Al Hayik sits dead center on the very south coast of Karakin. It is probably the best place to land if you’re looking for a less hectic drop. Every time we landed here, we found at least level 1 armor and a submachine gun.

If you drop and the town gets hectic. Make sure to stick to the market areas where things are more compact with plenty fo cover. When you have wiped out all enemy players. Quickly move west to Jamilla Textiles mentioned above, here you will find some good loot if it hasn’t already been nabbed.


The tunnel system is the best feature of Karakin. If you find a sticky bomb, use it to gain access to the entry to the tunnel system. If you’re brave enough to venture into the maze you will be rewarded with top tier loot of all types.

Another cool feature of the tunnel system is the underwater section. 

This adds a little touch of fun to the game as you swim your way through the underground of Karakin. Did you know its probably sewage water? Eww!

We also have a guide on where the tunnel entry locations are on Karakin. It comes with its very own map we made for quick reference.

The other two marked locations on the map are Cargo Ship and Bahr Sahir. These are also pretty decent areas to land but we didn’t find much look here after dropping numerous times and testing various tactics. 

Feel free to try them out and we hope you bag yourself a chicken dinner in your next game.