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(FIX)PS4 Stuck on Welcome Back Screen Controller Not Connecting

This issue is a nuisance for many PS4 owners. I discovered it recently because I was using my PS4 on my old PS3 which meant I needed to sync the PS4 controller with the PS3. It seems that a lot of people are experiencing their PS4 stuck on welcome back screen.

What I guess happened was my ps4 controller disconnected from the PS4 when I synced it with my PS3. This resulted in me not being able to reconnect my controller to the PS4 when prompted at the “PS4 Welcome Back” screen.

It sucks a lot because when I looked around for guides on the internet, none of them helped with being stuck at the welcome back screen. All the guides I found were to help people who just needed to reconnect their controller but from the PS4 main menu. None helped with being stuck at the welcome screen.

PS4 stuck on welcome back screen solution:

  • Turn off the PS4 by pressing and holding the power button until you hear 2 beeps.
  • Wait until the PS4 is completely shut down(the lights on the side of the console are off)
  • Plug out the power supply directly from the back of the console. As show in the image below.
  • Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute then plug back in the power supply.
  • Now your controller should sync with the PS4 and the issue should be resolved.
PS4 stuck on welcome back screen pull out power chord guide
Make sure to plug out the power lead from the PS4.

Why does this work?

When you plug out the PS4 power lead the PS4 cache resets. This allows the Playstation to restart from fresh. But don’ worry, none of your data or save games will be deleted. It’s simply a cache reset.

If the issue is still not resolved, make sure there is power in your controller so it can actually connect to the console.

If this didn’t solve your issue and you’re still stuck on the welcome back screen make sure to comment below and I will try and help you as much as I can.

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14 thoughts on “(FIX)PS4 Stuck on Welcome Back Screen Controller Not Connecting”

  1. Hello I’am having problems with my PS4 being stuck on the WELCOME SCREEN and my Brand New PS4 Controller will not sync or connect to it I have tried my controller on a friends PS4 and poof it did work but not just plug in with usb cable and push the ps button and poof it’s connected I had to go into the BlueTooth settings and connect the new controller that way I also tried my freinds controller on my PS4 and same thing I still get stuck on welcome screen and his controller won’t connect or sync with my PS4 either then I gave up on my PS4 and just played my buddies PS4 because my PS4s stuck on the welcome screen and I did also have my PS4 unplugged from the power supply not just for 30 mins but I had it unplugged for 24 hrs as I was playing his PS4 I just left mine unplugged to see what would happen and hopefully a miracle would happen but even having done that with the power supply unplugged to the console it still left me at the same spot as before there fire messaging you for help please I hope you can help me because the guys at EB Games or GameStop they don’t like helping you very much so your my only hope brother please help me

    1. Hey Bryan, try resetting your PS4 controller by sticking a pin in the hole on the back of the controller. It’s below the L2 button on the back of the controller. To the left of the screw! Let me know if it helps!

      1. If you’re still trying, try using a new or different USB cable to connect your controller. I’ve heard people reporting that they used a different USB cable and it worked!

  2. Hello
    I have stuck in welcome back page and my ps4 controller didnot work . I did jailbreak . Does it make problem?
    I reset my controllers and i unplug my ps4 but my problem still exist

    1. Hello, I’m not sure about a jailbroken PS4 to be honest. Try plugging in the controller via USB while you turn back on your controller. Let me know if it helps 🙂

    2. I cannot for the life of me get this to relink I’ve tried the ps button and share together I’ve tried the reset button I’ve now tried 4 different USB and still nothing

      1. Hey Amber, sorry to hear that. It could perhaps be the controller itself. Try reaching out to Sony support and see if they can help. Hope you find a solution.

  3. This seems to be a reoccurring issue for my ps4 on top of it being slower. What can I do to fix it

    1. Hello Emmanuel, try the steps in the guide. If your PS4 is slowing down. There are a few things you can try. Make sure your Hard drive isn’t full or to its capacity, try upgrading the HDD to an SSD, and physically clean out the PS4. Take it apart and clean out the fans, etc. Finally, try rebuilding the database of the PS4. You can do this by starting the PS4 in recovery mode.

  4. I did this three times and it STILL didn’t work! I tried connecting controller to usb and everything. Help!!!!

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