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Lancer Evo Best Engine Build Need For Speed Heat

I was rallying around Florida in my Lancer Evo the other day and I was thinking to myself what is the best engine for Evo in Need for Speed Heat?

I have the car maxed out and all parts unlocked but I felt like it could be faster. You know that feeling when you think something is missing? Well, this feeling was more ponies in that EVO.

So I went researching and testing and found out the best Engine for the Lancer Evo. Check out what I found.

Lancer Evo Best Engine

The best engine for the Lancer Evo in NFS Heat is the 3.8L V8. After testing on two different tracks it came out on top by up to two seconds faster. The engine gives the Lancer a total Horsepower of 562.

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3.8L V8 Race Time Stats

Militia Gaming carried out testing of the EVOs 3.8L V8 engine on two different tracks. He tested the engine on Aardvark and Aerion and got the following results.

Aerion Results

We can see from the results below that the Aerion beat the Forged 2.0L I4 engine by a whole second. It may not seem like a lot but this is a lot in racing. The table below also gives a useful rundown of the other engines for the EVO.

Lancer Evo Best Engine Results on Aerion Need for Speed Heat

Aardvark Results

Looking at the results below we can see that the 3.8L V8 comes out on top by a whopping 2 seconds over the 4.0L V8. This is an insane time difference. Again we have a useful rundown of the other engine times on this track.

Lancer Evo Best Engine Results on Aardvark Need for Speed Heat

From the findings above we can that the best engine for the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO in Need for Speed Heat is the 3.8L V8. It comes out on top by over 2 seconds ahead of other engines.

The engine itself only costs 254,000 bucks so not a bad investment if you want to get the most speed out of your EVO.

And now that you have found this guide you won’t have to spend another dime buying other engines and testing them out because you know that the 3.8L V8 is the best engine by a long shot.


2 thoughts on “Lancer Evo Best Engine Build Need For Speed Heat”

  1. It is a “3.8L V6” engine not a “3.8L V8”. I don’t understand why everyone on the internet is capable of getting this minute fact wrong.

    1. Hi Irishking07, I haven’t played that game in a while but I believe there are two 3.8L engines, a V6 and V8. Here, the V8 was found to be the best performing.

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