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HS0405 Stats Best Class Setups & Attachments COD Mobile

Have you been looking for the best class setups and attachments for the HS0405 in COD Mobile? you’ve landed on the right page, we got you covered.

This guide reviews the HS0405 and looks at the weapon background and statistics. As well as this, we also recommend the best attachments and class setups to use when running the HS0405 shotgun. 

Weapon background

The HS0405 has appeared in many Call of Duty titles including MW2, BO1, MW3 as the Model 1887. It makes a return in COD Mobile as the HS0405. It is still a lever-action shotgun.

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  • Damage: 90
  • Rate of Fire: 5
  • Recoil: Low(Lever Action mechanism)

As we can see from the stats above the HS0405 is a 2 shot kill shotgun. It can kill in 1 shot from close range provided the player hits the upper body/ chest area. At medium to long-range, the weapon will drop off to 2 to 3 shots. The weapons fire rate is to be as expected due to the fact it is a lever-action shotgun.

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the HS0405 are the Laser Sight, Long Barrel, and Extended Mags. Laser Sight makes the weapon a lot more accurate firing from the hip at close range. Long Barrel will add an extra 10 points onto the range of the weapon. Finally, Extended Mags gives you that added ammo to utilize.

HS0405 Best Class Setups

Below are our top three class setups for the HS0405 Lever Action Shotgun. There is a class for everyone’s playstyle. They are also quite flexible so chop and change them as you see fit.

Class 1 – Winny Old Skool

This class is built for moving fast and stealthy around the map. Attach the following to the shotgun:

  • Laser Sight
  • Extended Mags
  • Long Barrel

Class Setup

  • Secondary: The MW11 works wonder in close quarters combat.
  • Perk 1: Agile is great for hopping and mantling things faster.
  • Perk 2: Tracker is great when you’re in the enemy spawn and ready to wreck it.
  • Perk 3: Dead Silence makes sure you go undetected whilst rushing your opponent.
  • Lethal: Throw down a Trip Mines behind you incase someone has spotted you and is coming to hunt.
  • Tactical: Use the Concussion grenade as tactical.

Class 2 – Defending Flags

This class is great for Domination and SnD. Fit the HS0405 with the following attachments:

  • Laser Sight
  • Fast Mags
  • Long Barrel

Class Setup

  • Secondary: The SMRS Launcher is very effective for clearing flags.
  • Perk 1: Flak Jacket keeps you protected from explosives.
  • Perk 2: Ghost protects you from enemy UAVs.
  • Perk 3: Demo Expert is great when you’re using Trip Mines and the SMRS.
  • Lethal: Use Trip Mines or even frags to quickly defend the flag from a distance.
  • Tactical: Flashes and Concussions grenades are great for attacking flags. Try the Trophy System for defending.

Class 3 – All Round

This class is geared to be effective in all scenarios and game modes. Attach the following to the HS:

  • Laser Sight
  • Extended Mags
  • Long Barrel

Class Setup

  • Secondary: The MW11 is a very effective pistol in CQB,
  • Perk 1: Fast Recovery helps you get back into the action faster.
  • Perk 2: Toughness helps you flinch less.
  • Perk 3: Engineer will make sure you don’t run into an enemy Trip Mine.
  • Lethal: Chuck a Trip Mine onto an enemy flank route.
  • Tactical: Flashbang as secondary.