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How To Make Glass In No Mans Sky?

New to NMS or a veteran that’s forgotten the formula? Not to worry! Our guide is here to give you a quick overview of how to make glass in No Mans Sky and guide you on exactly what you need to craft it.

How To Make Glass In No Mans Sky?

The easiest way to make glass in NMS is to refine Silicate Powder. You can find Silicate powder in abundance on every planet. Silicate powder is essentially gravel from mining a planet. Anytime you use the Terrain Manipulator to mine, it will gather Silicate Powder. Place this Silicate powder in a Refiner to make glass. There are also other ways to make glass. Read on to find out.

The Silicate Powder Method – Step By Step

This method involves gathering Silicate Powder and refining it to make glass. First, take out your terrain manipulator and start mining into the planet. You will begin to collect Silicate Powder.

Next, refine the Silicate Powder into glass using a Refiner. You will need 40x Silicate Powder to make 1 Glass.

You also need some Carbon to fuel the Refiner so make sure you gather some by destroying trees and other plant life.

This is by far the easiest way to get your hands on Glass in No Mans Sky.

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Blueprint and Frost Crystal Method

You can obtain the Blueprint to make Glass by searching in Manufacturing facilities and Operation centers.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Blueprint from the Synthesis Laboratory for 250 units. The Synthesis Lab can be found onboard the Space Anamoly which you can summon while in space.

With the Blueprint obtained, you then need to acquire Frost Crystals. There are numerous ways to get Frost Crystals but the easiest way is probably via Frostwort.

How To Make Glass In No Mans Sky? Frostwort Plants

You can find the Frostwort plant on frozen planets. Once you find them you need to extract frost crystals from them.

Additionally, you will need the Haz-mat Gauntlet to be able to extract Frozen Crystals from Frostwort plants.

The Haz-mat Gauntlet can be obtained by purchasing the Blueprint for it from the exo upgrade merchant on the Space Anomaly.

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Ways To Make Glass In NMS – Refiner Resources

Moreover, there is another way to make glass in No Mans Sky using Cyto-phosphate and salt. But keep in mind you will need the ingredients first.

  • 50x Cyto-phosphate and 50x Salt = 1 Glass
  • 40x Silicate Powder = 1 Glass
  • 40x Frost Crystals = 1 Glass

How To Get Silicate Powder In NMS?

You can get Silicate Powder in No Mans Sky by using your Terrain Manipulator to mine into the ground. Mining the ground gathers Silicate Powder. Quite easy actually.

How To Get Living Glass In No Mans Sky

You need to obtain the Blueprint for Living Glass first. Check out our easy guide on how to get living glass in NMS.