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Download No Mans Sky Old Versions Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises, Visions


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So you’re looking for old builds of No Man’s Sky? Maybe you’re a day 1 OG and you want to go back for the nostalgic vibes. 

There’s no doubt about it, No Man’s Sky has changed alot since its release in 2016. In my opinion, Hello Games has led the game away from its original artistic sci-fi style and towards a more bland version of the universe. 

The game as it stands today is still beautiful and the Origins update certainly has a lot more variety. However, the magic and wonder of the game have been lost somewhere in the evolution of the game. 

This is why I have uploaded these builds to my MediaFire account for you to download. Most people who come looking for older builds of NMS probably have the same persuasion as I mentioned above. 

Also, another thing I have found is that the Steam Database method seems to not work anymore which makes it even harder to get older builds. No need to worry, I got you covered. 

Below is a list of the major updates and most definitely the most important ones in terms of visuals, art, and variety. The list includes NMS 1.1, NMS 1.2, NMS 1.3, and NMS 1.75. The final build is a special build, version

If you would like further information on any of these builds you can check out the official No Mans Sky Release log on Hello Games website.

No Mans Sky Foundation Version 1.1

This is one of the oldest builds of No Man’s Sky you will find. This version of No Man’s Sky was released on November 27th and was the first major update since the game’s catastrophic launch. 

If you’re looking for those day one vibes this is probably the closest you will get. The Foundation update brought base building to the game without changing much to the proc gen or variety. So it’s pretty much similar to launch day NMS just with the ability to base build. As well as base building, it also added farming, freighters, and more resources.

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No Mans Sky Pathfinder Version 1.2

Pathfinder graced NMS fans on March 9th, 2017. Hello Games added a whole visual detail overhaul which made the world a lot more vibrant and colorful. They also added a lot more content including new vehicles such as the Nomad, Roamer, and Colossus.

The best part about Pathfinder is the vibrancy of the planets. There are lots of beautiful colors and scenery to be seen in this version.

No Mans Sky Atlas Rises Version 1.3

Atlas Rises marked the 1 year anniversary of No Mans Sky. It was released on August 11th and brought with it 30 hours of storyline, portals, and joint exploration. They also added some variety to planets and terrain including new rare biome types such as plated planets.

No Mans Sky Visions Version 1.75

Visions was dropped on November 28th and brought with it a host of visual updates including new fauna, biomes and overall diversity. Fans had been crying out for more variety at this stage. We kinda always are as NMS fans. The people who play the game and have a genuine love for it always cry out for more and more. NMS and its engine has so much potential we could write about it for days.

No Mans Sky Version 2016

The final build is a special build given to me by an NMS modder. He knows a lot about the game and has been following it closely since prerelease. In his opinion, this build is the best build of No Mans Sky before the old visual style started to change and the new style took over. 

As well as that, this build has all the noteworthy updates including a tonne of fixes to bugs and frame rate issues that plagued the game in the past. I’ve played it a lot myself and can tell you that it’s the best old-school build you will play. 

3 thoughts on “Download No Mans Sky Old Versions Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises, Visions”

  1. Hello, NMS recently moved past my graphic card’s ability to handle the load & it will be a while before I can afford a new computer. But I’m a Day One player & after two months I’m desperate to play. Would LOVE to go back to Origins and get my nostalgia on so THANK YOU for these! On another forum someone mentioned needing to pair the old game files with the relevant Steam build. Do you know if that’s the case, and if so where I could find the correct build? Or does that not matter in offline mode?

      1. Hello Dab, you should be able to download these and just run them with no issues. But just be aware that some people have been reporting that their PC won’t run the older builds. Its something to do with a graphics card update. I’m having issues running the old NMS builds myself and if I want to play them I have to roll back my drivers. And thanks, youre welcome, I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂

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