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FASTEST Ways to Travel in Minecraft 1.4

From the very beginning of Minecraft players have always wondered what is the fastest way to travel in Minecraft? Well, this guide will tell you exactly that.

Below are the results of traveling 500 blocks and how long it took to travel them using multiple methods. YouTuber Mumbo Jumbo carried out this uncanny research. Big shout out to him, it must have taken him a long time. For those of you who don’t understand the terms like nether and overworld etc. Mumbo explains them like this:

“For every block that a player travels in the Nether, they travel 8 blocks in the overworld. So if you have a nether portal at 0,0 in the overworld, and another nether portal at 0, 800; then to connect them up in the nether you would have one at 0,0 and another at 0,100. Meaning you have traveled 800 overworld blocks by going 100 blocks in the nether”


The good ole regular sprinting method. This is certainly the slowest method if you’re trying to get around quicker. Sprinting took 29.5 seconds to sprint 500 blocks. Which is about 5.6 blocks per second.

Sprint Jumping on packed ice

This is an old classic way to travel in Minecraft. Most people who play the game know that traveling on ice is always faster. It took 29.5 seconds to cover 500 blocks. This is 16.9 blocks per second.

Moreover, its design is fairly basic. To make it you need a line of ice blocks with a line of regular blocks above your head. Then you can sprint jump through it bouncing your head off the ceiling. Bear in mind, players will need a silk touch pickaxe to mine ice.

Powered Rails

Traveling on powered rails takes 3.2 seconds to complete the full 500 blocks. This means you can travel at a rate of 7.9 blocks per second. All that gold gets expensive so it’s really not worth it.

Ice Jumping but with added trapdoors

This method involves jumping on ice with added trapdoors above you. The results were 33.4 seconds to travel 500 blocks. This is 15 blocks per second. The logic here is that the trapdoors reduce the distance you need to jump. This method is taxing on food requirements, meaning you will probably have to stop and eat eventually.

Spring Jumping on Ice

Jumping on ice takes about 29.5 seconds to run the full 500 blocks. This achieves about 17.4 blocks per second.

Sprint Jumping on blue ice

This method involves sprinting on blue ice. The logic behind this method is that blue ice is quite slippier than other types of ice. Sprinting on blue ice took 28.7 seconds to run 500 blocks. That is 17.4 blocks per second.

Both methods are pretty much the same. Therefore, it’s a waste of time to go out of your way to look for blue ice

The Elytra Flight

This method of travel involves The Elytra and firework rockets. This method took a fantastic 15 seconds to travel 500 blocks. This is exactly 33.3 blocks per second. This method is more for seasoned Minecraft players. Since Elytra is difficult to come by plus gunpowder and rockets are just as tricky.

Blue ice jumping with Speed 2 Potion

This involves taking a Speed 2 potion while running across the land bridge. It took 26.7 seconds to cover the full 500 blocks. This comes in at about 18.7 blocks per second.

Boat on an ice path

There are two methods to travel by boat on ice. Traveling by regular ice and traveling by blue ice. Regular ice takes 15.2 seconds to travel 500 blocks, which is about 32.9 blocks per second. The blocks per second travelled in the overworld are insane at 260 blocks per second.

Moreover, traveling by boat on blue ice smashed the speed test at 11.1 seconds to complete the 500 blocks. That’s a staggering 45 blocks per second.

However, it takes the boat a while to reach its max speed. So this method would work best when building a huge tunnel.

Dolphins Grace swimming paths

The Dolphins Grace swimming path comes in even faster than the boat and ice method. It takes 9 seconds to travel the 500 blocks which is a whopping 55.6 blocks per second.

However, this method doesn’t work in the nether.

Dolphins Grace with Speed 2

The Dolphins grace method gets even crazier when you take a Speed 2 potion. This blows it out of the water with 6.6 seconds to complete the full 500 blocks, this is an amazing 74.1 blocks per second.

The Piston Bolt

This used to be the fastest way that you could transport yourself in Minecraft. The piston bolt completes 100 blocks in 5.2 seconds. This is nearly 20 blocks per second.

Table of Results

Sprinting29.5 5.6
Spring jumping on packed ice29.516.9
Powered Rails3.27.9
Ice Jumping with trapdoors33.415
Spring Jumping on Ice29.517.4
Sprint Jumping on Blue Ice28.717.4
The Elytra Flight1533.3
Blue Ice Jumping with Speed 2 Potion26.718.7
Boat on Ice Path15.232.9
Boat with Blue Ice Path11.1 45
Dolphins Grace955.6
Dolphins Grace with Speed 26.674.1
The Piston Bolt5.220

So there you have it. All the fastest ways to travel in Minecraft listed one by one and in a neat table for your ease of reading.

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