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Fortnite Season 10 Changes plus Tips and Tricks

Below we will go through all the changes and updates Epic has made for the latest Fornite Season. Season 10 has made some controversial changes to the game. Especially the addition of Brutes. They are possibly the most overpowered feature to ever come to Fortnite.

Game Mechanic Changes


Fortnite Season 10 Brute Update: 23/08/2019

Epic has nerfed the Brute big time. The Brute now has a maximum of 6 rockets, down from 10.

The missile fire rate has been decreased by 56%.

The radius of the rocket explosion has been decreased by 42%.

They have also nerfed the Brutes cooldown speed and jump boost ability.

The spawn rates have been nerfed so the Brute isn’t as easy to attain than previously.

Players can no longer collect inventory from inside the Brute.

Large man-able robots have been added to the game. 2 players can enter the robots. One controls the movement and the other controls the weapons. The Brute has a missile launcher and a shotgun attached. The shotgun can deal up to 50 damage with a clip size of 10. It also deals a 1.5 headshot multiplier. The missile launcher can be fired up to 10 times by holding the fire button.

At the start of a game, 3 brutes spawn into random locations on the map. They will also spawn towards the end of a game. They spawn into the map via a meteor-like crash. Moreover, the brute can smash and stomp everything including players. It can also jump and super jump into the air. The brute can be used to harvest materials found throughout the world. After players smash things, they can jump out and collect the materials.

TOP TIP: Abuse the brute while it lasts. The community is in a rage over the brute. However, if you want to get a win this season. The easiest way to do it is to use the brute. So take advantage while you can.

Map Changes

Dusty Depot & Factories return

Dusty depot has returned and it’s the same as it ever was. It is still not great for loot or Chester so there’s no point in landing there. Factories has also made a return in season 10. These two parts of the map have made a return so there will be lots of people dropping there. It is probably best to avoid these areas for a while. As they will be popular at the start.


The meteor is a brand new location added to Fornite this season. It is a great spot for solos. If you can manage to get a good drop and take out the other players. You are in a great location to pick people off in dusty and factories.

Loot Lake Anti Gravity

They have added an anti-gravity zone. The huge sphere in the middle of loot lake has turned into a rift. The rift can be used to change up your rotations if needed.

Vaulted Weapons and Removals

Epic has vaulted a lot of weapons and items this seasons. They have taken away everything with mobility. The weapons and items they vaulted are Tactical Assault Rifle, The Flint Knocker, The Baller, The Quad Crasher, Shadow Bombs, Mounted Turrets, Airstrikes, and The Glider Redeploy Item.

Epic Games has also removed the slipstream system and substrate stations. Neo Tilted and Megamall are the only two slipstreams that remain. They will most likely be removed in time.

Top Tips for Fortnite Season 10

Beating the Brute

The brute does take damage. If you come up against one. The best strategy is to keep your distance and keep mobile. Shooting it enough will destroy all of its HP.

There is a shield above the driver. Destroying this shield will allow you to do damage to the driver. However, the driver can counter this by making another shield for the brute.

You can also self destruct the brute by jumping in it and pressing the self destruct button. Another effective method is to Boogie Bomb the brute. This will force the player out of the brute and you can get the kill on them while they are getting out.

Overall, the brute is a lot more difficult to destroy in team game modes than it is in solos. In solos, the brute cannot be moved and fired from at the same time. As a result, you should feel much more confident about taking it on. However, in-game modes with two or more people, it can be moved and fired from at the same time. Making it very difficult to destroy. It is best to just stay out of its way if possible.

Loadout Meta and Weapons

Not much has changed in regards to Meta. Box fighting is still in and turtling is still the chosen tactic.

The Combat, Pump, and TAC are still the best shotguns with the Combat still being the most overpowered.

Best places to land for the win

As a result of Epic removing mobility items and slipstreams from the map, the best places to land if you want to bag the win are anywhere around the edges of the map. Keep in mind places like Happy Helmet or Junk Junction. Very few people will be landing here which will make it easy for you to stack your loadout. However, you will be far away from the circle, so it is recommended to start rotating early.


It looks like it’s back to season 2 where you spend the entire game running and trying to get to the circle. We will keep this post updated when new changes come up.

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Also, let us know in the comment section what tactics work best for you in Fortnite Season 10.

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