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Call of Duty: Warzone is Dying, Here Are 5 Ways To Bring It Back From The Dead

Millions of players have been hooked onto battle royale games since March 2020. With more people cooped up indoors playing games with friends online, now is an excellent opportunity to jump into the free-to-play game and learn some Call of Duty: Warzone strategies. 

Most battle royale games nowadays have plenty of respawning, but Call of Duty: Warzone takes it to a new level. No matter how your comrades perished, there’s always a way to revive them. Here are all the Best Warzone hacks and Cheats that may revive your colleagues and yourself in Call of Duty: Warzone’s battle royale mode.

5 Ways of Bringing It Back From The Dead

1. A New Map

It’s time to enter a new battlefield. It was nice to see familiar places like the Firing Range, Nuketown, and Hijacked return on the Blackout map.

To do this, we want the new Warzone map to include multiple Black Ops multiplayer layouts. A snowy area with sites from WMD, Summit, and Ice Breaker would be nice to start.

It should have Slums, Havana, Cracked, and other significant regions. Finally, we need some prominent locations like the Aquarium, Zoo, and Stadium threw in just for good measure.

2. Revive

Warzone re-entry is the easiest and most typical method of returning to the game. If you’re shot too many times, you’ll fall to the ground, and your teammates will have a limited opportunity to bring you back to life.

However, this revive procedure is really quick, but it leaves both you and your allies vulnerable. If a player is revived, they will keep all their money and weapons.

3. Revive Kit for Yourself

Players can use this item to resurrect themselves. Self-Revive Kits allow you to return to the surface with all of your precious treasure and currency.

Buy Stations sell Self-Revive Kits for a large sum of in-game currency, or you can get fortunate and get one in a Scavenger Contract Supply Box or ordinary Supply Box.

Two methods are available for obtaining these loot items:

  • The most cost-effective way to obtain one is to purchase it from a Buy Station since it is one of the more costly loot items available in the Warzone. You can pay in cash.
  • Kits obtained by looting: These kits have a unique possibility of spawning out of Supply Boxes or Scavenger Contract Supply Boxes, but only in minimal quantities.

4. Time in Gulag

You’ll be sent to the Gulag after your first death in a combat royale.

In the Gulag, you’ll be able to witness other players who have also died, engaging in a random gunfight.

The victor returns to the fray as the sole participant when it ends. Once you’ve waited your time, you’ll be able to engage in one of these duel encounters as well.

5. Mo’ Modes

For some, a solo or team battle royale is plenty. It’s a one-life deal. What about the rest of us? Warzone brought us to new battle royale modes like Plunder, which is still going strong today.

Keep Plunder alive and develop new modes to keep people entertained. 

Perhaps a melee-only battle royale mode? Maybe a giant game of freeze tag or zombie tag instead of the tag.

Trying out a few concepts for a brief amount of time isn’t bad. Keep them if they’re popular; scrap them if not. It’s about time Battle Royale got a hardcore mode.

No, kill cameras, no hud, no hud = complete chaos.

Know about Rebirth Island – Resurrection

A new redeployment option is available in the Rebirth Countdown game mode on Rebirth Island, which is also available in Resurgence game modes.

As long as at least one other team member remains alive, a countdown will show next to the squad member’s name who has been eliminated.

They will redeploy to Rebirth Island once the countdown has reached zero. If your squadmates execute particular in-game acts, such as eliminating squads or promoting aggressive play, this countdown can be reduced significantly.

Final Note

The ability to redeploy is only available in a few situations in a warzone. Battle Royale Warzone matches are known for having late-game occurrences.

The Gulag will shut down after a certain number of circles have collapsed (typically four), thereby cutting off a vital redeployment in the process.

Watch out for game prompts and rule settings, which will alert you when you only have one life to live in Verdansk and serve as a reminder to pay attention to them.