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Beetle Best Engine Build Need for Speed Heat

This guide takes an in-depth look into the Volkswagon Beetle Best Engine build. The Beetle in NFS Heat is one of the fastest cars in the game. Flooring it around is a thrilling experience, to say the least.

I wrote this guide because once again I was discussing the best engine build for the beetle with a friend and we had different opinions.

But of course, I went looking around YouTube and Reddit and found some interesting builds for the Beetle.

However, like other NFS Heat Engine Build guides. The best testing is carried out on YouTube.

Today’s Beetle engine stats come from Militia Gaming Community. He tested the Beetle’s race times on both the Aerion and Aardvark tracks.

Best Engine (fastest) for the Volkswagen Beetle

The fastest engine for the Volkswagen Beetle in NFS Heat is the 1.5L I3 Hybrid. This engine came out on top in both Aerion and Aardvark track results. Smashing all other engines by 4 seconds on the Aerion run.

Aerion Track Results

Check out the stats of the Beetle on the Aerion track. We can see from the table below that the 1.5L I3 Hybrid engine smashes the 2.4L I6 by nearly 4 seconds. Having a 4 second lead over your top contender is mind-blowing, this engine is FAST!

Aardvark Track Results

The Aardvark results are below. Breaking them down we can see that the Hybrid beats its top contender, the 2.5L Flat 4 by a second. Although, it doesn’t seem like a lot. A second in race time is a huge difference.

The fact that the 1.5L I3 Hybrid came out on top in both track tests secures it as the best Engine build for the Beetle in Need for Speed Heat.


For strictly speed and racing, the 1.5L I3 Hybrid is your best bet. If you’re interested in more engine build guides just like this one make sure to take a look around the site.