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McLaren F1 Best Engine Build Need for Speed Heat

This guide looks at the real engine race stats to find out the McLaren F1 Best Engine Build in Need for Speed Heat. Read on to find out!

The McLaren F1 was released as DLC content with the black market update. It costs $5/ Euros, or whatever currency you use.

The McLaren is one of the fastest cars in the game and looks damn sexy too. I was driving around the other day and wondering what the best engine is for this motor.

Again, the most reliable channel for this sort of stuff is Militia Gaming Community. So I took a browse through his content and found some interesting stats about the F1.

This guide will go over the best engine for the F1 McLaren including race stats on both Aardvark and Aerion race tracks.

McLaren F1 Best Engine

The best engine for the McLaren in Need for Speed Heat is the Forged 2.6L I6. The engine came out on top on both Aerion and Aardvark track runs. It beat the other engines fastest lap times by 0.3 seconds and 1.9 seconds, respectively. This is by far the fastest track engine for the McLaren.

Race Time Stats

Below are the results for the F1 McLaren on both the Aerion and Aardvark tracks. Check out the results below.

Aerion Results

Below are interesting race results for the McLaren on the Aerion race track. The 592 HP Forged 2.6L I6 absoltely smashes the 2.0L I4 Hybrid engine by 1.9 seconds. This is a huge lead in any race so it obviously dominates here.

Aerion best engine race stats

Aardvark Results

The Aardvark test results are not as suprising as the Aerion run. However, the 2.0L I4 Hybrid actually comes out on top in the Aardvark run. Overall, because the Forged dominated the Aerion run and only narrowly missed winning in the Aardvark, it was crowned king of the F1 McLaren engines.

Aardvark best engine stats


If you came here looking for the best engine build for the McLaren in Need for Speed Heat. You now know the answer.

So dont go wasting your money on buying all the engines. The next engine you buy for this car should be the Forged 2.6L I6.

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