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Civic Type R Best Engine Build Need For Speed Heat

The Civic Type R is one of the most iconic tuner cars in history. I remember growing up as a kid and seeing this car everywhere. It was every petrol head’s dream to own a Honda Civic Type R. Especially those that love JDM cars. Today’s breakdown takes a look at the Civic Type R best engine build in Need for Speed Heat.

The race testing below is courtesy of the Militia Gaming Community YouTube. He bought all the engines and tested each one on two race tracks in the game. He carried out the testing on Aerion and Aardvark.

Best Honda Civic (fastest) Engine

The fastest engine for the Honda Civic Type R in NFS Heat is the 2.9L V8. This engine came out dominant on each track it was tested on. It gives the Civic a total of 471 BHP.

Check out the race stats along with a discussion on each.

Civic Type R Race Time Stats

The Civic was tested in similar conditions on both the Aerion and Aardvark race track. Check out the stats below:

Aerion Results

On the Aerion race track, the 2.9L V8 absolutely destroys the 3.2L L6 by a whopping 5 seconds. This is an insane lead over its top contender. The slowest engine here being the 1.6L L4 with a 25 second gap.

civic type r best engine test results for Aerion.

Aardvark Results

The Aardvark test results are similar with the 2.9L V8 having a 4 second lead over the 3.0L Flat 6. No surprises again that the 1.6 Litre is 32 seconds behind.

civic type r best engine test results for Aardvark


It’s clear to see that the 471 HP 2.9L V8 engine is the best engine swap for the Honda Civic Type R in Need for Speed Heat. In both races, it absolutely smashes its contending engines by 4 and 5 seconds.

Overall, this will be the best choice when purchasing your next engine for the Civic Type R.

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