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Apex Legends – Characters, Weapons, Maps +

Unless you have been living under a rock this past while. You have heard of Apex Legends and the storm it has brought to the Battle Royale scene. It has the futurism of a Star Wars title with similar game mechanics of a Call of Duty game. Throw these 2 ingredients into a Battle Royale game and Apex Legends is born. 

In this guide, we will be giving you a full low down on everything Apex Legends. It will take you through the game modes, characters (Legends), the map, weapons, gear and more. Time to buckle up and get the low down on everything Apex Legends.

Platform Availability
How to Play Apex Legends?
Characters (Legends)
Game Modes
Loot Tier System
Apex Legends Maps
Kings CanyonWorld’s Edge
Apex Weapons
Ammo Types

What Platform Is Apex Legends Available On?

Apex Legends is free to play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. However, as of yet, it is not cross-platform, meaning you cannot play it with your friends from different platforms.

What is Apex Legends And How Do I Play It?

As mentioned above Apex Legends is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Moreover, it is free to play. Yes really, completely free to play. However, if playing on Xbox or PS4 you need to have an active subscription to their respective online services(Xbox Live and PSN). 

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game. In a Battle Royale, players have to take out other players and teams to be the last person or team alive. The last person standing wins the game. This is pretty much the essence of how to play Apex Legends. However, there are differences that make Apex unique. We will discuss these differences further below. 

Characters In Apex Legends (Legends)


Bangalore is an offensive Legend equipped with a smoke grenade launcher great for confusing the enemy and escaping a sticky situation. She can also use her Double Time passive ability to run faster while being fired on. While you’re running away in a cloud of smoke, call in her ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, to drop missiles across Kings Canyon. 



Bloodhound is the king of reconnaissance. He scopes and tracks the map like no other can. His Eye of the Allfather can scan an area and reveal traps, enemy players and even clues around the map. Not only can he see the invisible but he can see enemy footprints left behind after they have been patrolling the area. If you ever need to speed things up you can use his Beast of the Hunt Ultimate ability to speed up your movement by 25%.



Great for anyone who likes to play defensive. Caustic is the master of deadly gas(and we don’t mean deadly farts). He can deploy lethal Nox gas canisters and traps which deal damage and slows your opponent. But fear not, You can use his passive ability Nox Vision to see through the gas and scout for enemies.



Introduced in season 3, Crypto is the Mister Gadget of Kings Canyon. Anyone playing as Crypto can make use of his surveillance drone to scope out the areas. While your drone is up in the sky, why not annoy your enemies even more by marking their location for your team. Or you could also go the extra mile and interrupt enemy gameplay with an EMP Drone. The EMP Drone destroys enemy traps, damages enemy shields and slows them down. The ultimate troll Legend has landed.



Another defensive Legend that takes the form of a 265 pounds Asian dude. It’s always handy to have Gilbraltar on your team. If things get sticky, deploy his Dome of Protection to cover you and your teammates in a dome shield for 18 seconds. Teammates will also receive the fast recharge perk if inside Gibraltars dome.

While you and your team are in there. Call in a Defensive Bombardement to clear the area with some mortar fire. If you ever feel you’re being outgunned, you can use Gibraltar’s Gun Shield for extra protection.



Lifeline is great for those players who like to help out and support their teammates. She’s essentially a futuristic medic providing support power to those in need. If you come under heavy fire or need to revive a teammate fast. Her D.O.C Heal Drone will automatically heal you and your nearby teammates.

Moreover, she can heal her teammates 25% faster on the activation of her Combat Medic ability. Finally, if you’re ever in need of some reinforcements. Lifeline can call in a Care Package that drops a pod containing 3 high-quality loot items such as gear, consumables and even attachments. 



Mirage is a straight-up offensive Legend. Great for anyone who likes to be stealthy and conniving. He is able to create holographic versions of himself to act as a decoy to confuse enemies. He can also go invisible and send out more holographic versions of himself as decoys. It can be overwhelming for anyone new to experiencing Mirage’s Vanishing Act.



Yet another offensive Legend to play with. However, keep in mind players will need to use digital currency in-game to unlock Octane. Octane is all about healing and manoeuvering. Use his Stim ability to heal faster, and Swift Mend to put your health restoration into auto mode. His Ultimate is a quirky one. He essentially deploys a catapult pad that launches you and others through the air. It’s more fun than it is useful.



The other support Legend after Lifeline is Pathfinder. A cunning robot who has mastered the grapple hook. He also has a great eye for where the next ring will be with the help of his passive ability, Insider Knowledge. If you and your teammates need to get somewhere in a hurry, use Pathfinder’s Ultimate, Zipline Gun, to deploy a zipline.



This Legend embraced Kings Canyon in Season 2. She’s an out and out defensive Legend great for anyone who likes to create barriers to annoy enemy players.

Her Perimeter Security ability allows you to place up to 12 electric fences as a barricade. Her passive ability Spark of Genius is best used alongside her Ultimate ability, Interception Pylon. Interception Pylon allows her to place a pylon that destroys any oncoming enemy projectiles. While the pylon is deployed, it will also recharge other abilities faster and make placing perimeter nodes a lot faster. 



Wraith is a dark soul always on the offensive. She can utilize the physical world to her advantage. She can turn invisible and invincible and reposition herself out of harm’s way. Using her passive ability Voices from the Void, a voice will guide her of nearby danger. Finally, she can essentially teleport from 2 set portals within 60 seconds. 


Game Modes in Apex Legends

Play Apex

This is the standard game mode which you will play the most. Players team up in teams of 3 and battle it out in Kings Canyon.


Training mode is exactly what you think it is. A game mode where you can practice using all the weapons and in-game commands and movements. Moreover, players can practice shooting targets in a firing range.

Ranked League

Ranked League is a game mode where you can play competitively against players of similar skill. Ranked League works on a tier system. The tiers from best to worse are Apex Predator, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Loot Tier System

We will be talking a lot about the loot in Apex Legends. Therefore, it is important to understand the loot tier system in the game. There are 4 tiers of loot rarity. Starting from best to worst:

Legendary (Best)Gold
Common (Worst)White

Apex Legends Maps

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is the world where the battle takes place in Apex Legends. It is a large island with a river through the center of it. The map is filled with a vast selection of landscape and terrain to explore. It also has features that make it unique to the world of Battle Royale.

Features Of Kings Canyon

Respawn Beacons

This Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment mixes things up a bit by giving players another chance at getting back into the game via Respawn Beacons. Instead of your teammate being permanently eliminated once they die, like in other Battle Royale games. Players have a chance to respawn their teammates. 

You can do this by collecting their tags when they die. You have approximately 90 seconds to collect your teammate’s fallen tag. Once you collect it, you need to find a Respawn Beacon.

Respawn Beacons are grey and red quadpods with a green hologram of a drop-ship above it. When you find the Respawn Beacon interact with it. The Respawn Beacon will then call in a drop-ship with your teammate in it. Your teammate can drop back into the game and play on. 


There are zip-lines features throughout the map. They are yellow wires ascending either up or across the map. You can’t miss them. Players can use zip-lines to quickly get to a desired place on the map.


Some vertical zip-lines have a big red balloon attached. When you interact with this you will be moved up the zip-line and fired off into the air. When you’re in the air, your character will automatically deploy their glider. You can glide in the direction you’re looking when you left the zip-line. Take note, you need to reach the top of the zip-line for your glider to activate. 


Like most Battle Royales, there are numerous doors you can interact with. Players can open and close doors as they explore the various buildings around Kings Canyon. 

Hot Zone

Hot Zones are areas of the map that are assigned as hot zones at the start of a match. In a hot zone, there is guaranteed to be high-quality loot. Moreover, you will also have the chance to find a legendary weapon with all legendary attachments. The weapon will also take regular ammo. A Hot Zone is indicated on the map by a blue circle. The Hot Zone is within the boundaries of the blue circle.

Supply Ships

Supply Ships spawn at the start of a match. They fly into Kings Canyon and will travel to a random destination on the map. Supply Ships contain mid to high tier loot.

Supply Bins

Supply Bins are the large white and red pods that can be opened when you interact with them. They contain random loot from Common to Legendary.

Loot Tricks

These are containers that usually hold Rare to Legendary gear. You need to destroy it to open it. However, they are quite rare because of the loot they contain.


Apex Legends Season 2 and onwards brought with it the addition of creatures into Kings Canyon. 

Leviathans are large creatures that look like the map. As a result, they blend into the environment so be careful. From time to time, they will rise up into the air and stomp back down crushing all in their path. Thankfully, they are only located in Destroyed Bridges and Destroyed Cascades.

Flyers are essentially large dragons that fly around the map. You can kill the flyer by shooting it out of the sky. It will drop loot which you can use. 

World’s Edge

World’s Edge is torn between two worlds of fire and ice(sounds like a Game of Thrones episode). Unlike Kings Canyon, World’s Edge is very flat with lots of open areas for long-range gunfights. Check out all the unique features of World’s Edge below:

World’s Edge Features

The World’s Edge map brings everything Kings Canyon brought(see above). However, it also brings some unique features. Check them out below.

Cargo Bots

Cargo Bots are colorful balls that float around the map. The color of the ball determines the loot it will drop when shot from the sky. For example, a purple bot will drop Epic loot and a gold bot will drop Legendary loot. Cargo Bots also have a chance of dropping the vault key. See the vault section below.


Vaults are located around the map and are packed full of Epic and Legendary loot. To enter the vault, you must destroy a cargo bot. When you destroy it, it has a chance of dropping a key to enter the vault.


A hotspot for loot so a dangerous place for noobs. Players can jump on the train and travel to different stations. The train can also be stopped at any time by using the control panel on board.


Geysers are large water springs that act the same way as balloons in Kings Canyon. If you walk into it. It will launch you into the air, where you can then use your glider to glide across the map.

Apex Legends Weapons

There are a total of 22 weapons in Apex Legends. Each weapon has its own ammo type which we will discuss later. Weapon classes are no different than your typical shooter ranging from ARs, SMGs, Snipers to Pistols. Check out the table below that lists all the weapons available in Apex Legends.

Check out our in-depth Apex Legends weapons guide here
Assault RiflesHavoc Rifle, R-301 Carbine, Hemlock Burst AR, VK-47 Flatline 
Sub Machine GunsProwler Burst PDW, R-99, Alternator SMG
Light Machine GunsL-STAR EMG, Devotion LMG, M600 Spitfire
Sniper RiflesCharge Rifle, Longbow DMR, Kraber .50-cal Sniper, G7 Scout, Triple Take
ShotgunsPeacekeeper, Mastiff Shotgun, Mozambique Shotgun, EVA-8 Auto
PistolsWingman, P2020, RE-45 Auto

Ammo Types

There are 5 types of Ammo in Apex Legends. Special, Heavy, Light, Shotgun, and Energy rounds. Each ammo is compatible with select weapons and each ammo type is color-coordinated. Please see the chart below to check the ammo type and color. Also listed are the weapons in each respective ammo type.

Special (Yellow)
Kraber .50-cal Sniper, L-STAR EMG, Mastiff Shotgun
Heavy (Green)Longbow DMR, Hemlock Burst AR, VK-47 Flatline, M600 Spitfire, Prowler Burst PDW, Wingman 
Light (Red)G7 Scout, R-301 Carbine, R-99, Alternator SMG, RE-45 Auto, P2020
Shotgun (Red)EVA-8 Auto, Mozambique, Peacekeeper
Energy (Lime Green)Triple Take, HAVOC, Devotion, Charge Rifle


Like most shooters, there are attachments you can add to your weapon that change the performance of the weapon. Apex Legends features everything from stocks to scopes.

Attachments also follow the tier system mentioned above. You will know most of these attachments if you’re familiar with playing shooters. However, Apex features a unique type of Attachment called Hop-Ups.

Stocks and MagsStandard Stock, Sniper Stock, Shotgun Bolt, Extended Ligh Mag, Extended Heavy Mag, Extended Energy Mag, Barrel Stabilizer
Sights1x Holo, 1x HCOG, 1x-2x Variable Holo, 2x HCOG Bruiser, 6x Sniper, 3x HCOG Ranger, 2x-4x Variable AOG, 4x-8x Variable Sniper, 1x Digital Threat, 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat
Hop-UpsSelectfire Receiver, Disruptor Rounds, Hammerpoint Rounds, Precision Choke, Skullpiercer Rifling, Turbocharger, Anvil Receiver, Double Tap Trigger


Hop-Ups are a special type of attachment that is rare to find. When attached, they drastically alter the weapon’s performance. Only one Hop-Up can be attached per weapon.

Anvil Receiver

Compatible with the VK47 Flatline and R301 Carbine. This Hop-Up increases semi-automatic damage. However, it reduces the weapon’s rate of fire and uses more ammo. Anvil Receiver will only work when the weapon is in semi-auto mode. Note, bullet fire changes to red.

Double Tap Trigger

The Double Tap Trigger is compatible with the EVA-8 and the G7 Scout. When attached, it fires two bullets in succession on each trigger pull. Reminiscent of the Double Tap perk in Call of Duty Zombies.

Selective Receiver

Compatible with the Prowler and Havoc Rifle only. The Selective Receiver grants the Prowler full auto mode. It allows the Havoc Rifle to fire a laser shot that the player must charge.

Disruptor Rounds

Disruptor Rounds alter the RE-45 Auto and the Alternator. It multiplies the damage these weapons do to shielded enemies. The RE-45’s damage multiplier is 1.7x and the Alternators is 1.55x. (As of Season 3, the Disruptor Rounds is no longer available in-game).

Hammerpoint Rounds

This Hop Up increases damage to unshielded enemies. It is compatible with the Mozambique Shotgun and the P2020.

Precision Choke

Precision Choke allows players to charge their weapon pre-firing. Charging the weapon concentrates the projectiles fired from the weapon. This makes shots extremely accurate. It is only available on the Peacekeeper and the Triple Take.

Skullpiercer Rifling

The Skullpiercer is compatible with the Longbow DMR and the Wingman. It increases the headshot multiplier for these weapons.  (As of Season 3, the Skullpiercer Rifling is no longer available in-game).


The Turbocharger Hop-Up works a treat on the Devotion and Havoc Rifle. When attached weapons don’t need to be charged up before firing. 


Gear comes in a variety of forms in Apex Legends. Essentially gear is items you can use to boost or improve your character’s abilities or stats. There are 4 types of gear found throughout Kings Canyon. Body Shields, Helmets, Backpacks, and Knockdown Shields. See the table below for a full breakdown.

Body Shields

Body Shields are classified by their rarity. This is the same loot system we mentioned above which ranges from Legendary to Common. Each tier negates different damage points based on their rarity.

Legendary100 Damage (Executioner: Shields are fully recharged after doing a finisher)
Epic100 Damage
Rare75 Damage
Common50 Damage


Helmets decrease headshot damage taken from enemy fire. Like Body Shields, Helmets follow the same tier system throughout the game.

Legendary25% (FAST CHARGE: Reduces Ultimate and Tactical recharge time)


Wearing a Backpack in Apex increases the players carrying capacity. Every player starts with 8 inventory slots by default. 

Legendary6 (FAST HEAL: Speeds up healing items by 50%)

Knockdown Shields

Knockdown Shields protect players who are down. When you are downed, you can activate the knockdown shield by pressing the fire button. It protects directly ahead and any part of your body that is behind the shield. Please note, Knockdown Shields do not protect from melee attacks. 

Legendary750 (Ressurection: Players can revive themselves once during a match.


Arc star

Arc Stars are weird star devices that look like fidget spinners. You can throw them at enemies or surfaces and they will stick to them. On explosion, the Arc Star deals 70 damage points and slow down enemy players for 5 seconds. Moreover, you can destroy doors with the Arc Star. Players can hold 2 per inventory.

Frag Grenade

Everyone who plays shooters knows the trusty frag grenade. Well, it’s no different in Apex. The pin is pulled and the frag explodes after 4 seconds dealing 100 damage points. Moreover, players who hold up to 2 frags per inventory. 

Thermite Grenade

Thermite Grenades are similar to Molotov cocktails. They explode into a burst of flames and deal 25 damage over time to those caught in the fire blast. Players can hold 2 thermites per inventory.


There are several consumables you can find throughout Kings Canyon. These include Syringes, Shield Cells, Medkits and more. 


Syringes are used to heal players 25 of their health. You can carry up to 6 syringes in 1 inventory slot.


These little babies will save your skin, so be sure to pick one up if you find one. It heals your entire health in 8 seconds. Medkits can be stacked in 3’s per inventory slot.

Shield Cell

Shield Cells are used to heal shields. Each Shield Cell will repair your shield 25 points. Like Syringes, you can stack 6 of these per inventory slot.

Shield Battery

This is similar to the Medkit but for Shields. Upon use, it will heal all your shields health.

Phoenix Kit

One of the most desired consumables in the game. The Phoenix Kit heals all shields and health to the max. Players can only carry 1 per inventory slot. 

Ultimate Accelerant

This is a great addition to anyone who likes to utilize their abilities as much as possible. The Ultimate Accelerant restores your Ultimate Energy by 20%.


There is one final element that deserves a mention. Currency. Currency in Apex Legends is used to unlock legends or buy cosmetic items.

Crafting Metals

Crafting Metals are obtained via opening Apex Packs. Apex Packs are essentially loot-boxes that are available to purchase or unlock by leveling up in-game.

Depending on the rarity of the Apex Pack you open. You can obtain, 15, 30, 200 or 600 Crafting Metals. Use Crafting Metals to buy skins, cosmetic items and more. 

ITEM RARITYCOST (Crafting Metals)

Legend Tokens

Legend Tokens are obtained by leveling up in-game. Players will be rewarded 600 tokens per level. They can be used to purchase a range of things like legends and cosmetic items.

Apex Coins

Finally, Apex Coins can only be purchased with real money. They can be used to buy legends, skins, and more Apex Packs. 

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