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How To Fix PS4 Black Screen (HDMI Issues)

I stumbled upon this issue when I bought a second-hand PS4. When I booted up the PS4 it was fine. However, after a while, the screen started to flicker black as if the HDMI was faulty. I immediately panicked and thought I was ripped off.

So I started to search if anyone else was having this issue. It turns out it is a very common issue with people and apparently the nature of the issue varies.

For example, some PS4 users report that they cannot see or hear anything when they start up the PS4, but the PS4 is on and running. Others say they can hear the PS4 music but no image on the screen. Moreover, more users have said it only happens when they play games or watch YouTube.

With all this information, I searched for possible solutions and found several. Take a look at the top 5 possible solutions to fix your PS4 black screen issue below:


Solution 1: Turn Off And Disconnect PS4

This one is quite straightforward. Properly shut down the PS4. Unplug all the cables including the power cable and leave the PS4 idle for a few hours. Perhaps try this method last as this takes the most time. 

Solution 2: Check The HDMI Cable

Go to the back of your PS4 and take out the HDMI cable. Get a small torch or use the torch on your phone. Using the torch, have a careful look inside the PS4’s HDMI port and look for any pins out of place. Next, clean out the port with a cotton bud. Be very careful and gentle when cleaning the HDMI port as you could damage it.

Furthermore, inspect your HDMI cable to see if there is any damage to the cable. Also, make sure to look inside the HDMI receiver(end of the HDMI cable) for dust.

If the cable and port seem fine, try using a different HDMI cable or possibly buying a new one.

Solution 3: Disable HDCP Feature

Before you think you’re going to break your PS4 by disabling this feature, don’t worry you won’t. HDCP is merely a feature that prevents using capture cards and other recording devices to record or stream gameplay. You can turn it off, it won’t have any effect on your PS4 mechanic at all.

The reason we’re disabling the HDCP feature is that it can interfere with the HDMI source on your PS4 possibly causing the black screen. So turn it off and restart the PS4. 

Steps To Turn Off HDCP

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to System
  • Go to Enable HDCP – make sure the box is unticked.

If you cannot access the settings menu on your PS4 because of the black screen. Start your PS4 in Safety Mode and look for the option to disable HDCP from there.

Please see the Rebuild Database section below for a tutorial on how to access Safety Mode on your PS4.

Moreover, if you still cannot see your screen even in Safe Mode. The only other option that works is if you have Remote Play set up on your desktop. Remote Play enables you to control and access the PS4 via your computer. If you have it setup. Disable HDCP that way.

Solution 4: Turn On Auto Resolution

The PS4 is set to auto-detect your monitor’s resolution. Sometimes the auto-detect feature can interfere with the HDMI signal. 

Go to Settings – Sound and Screen – Video Output Settings – Resolution. Set the resolution to Automatic. This should be done by default. However, it may have been changed at some time. Best to check to eliminate all possible causes. 

Solution 5: Rebuild PS4 Database

The final solution is to rebuild the PS4’s database. Anytime you download files or updates and an error occurs or you lose connection. Files become corrupted or damaged on the PS4 system. This can cause the database to become clogged up and corrupted. This may be the cause of other problems on your PS4, like the black screen issue. 

To do this start your PS4 in Safety Mode. Follow the steps below to start your PS4 in Safety Mode:

Step 1: Turn off the PS4 and wait until its shutdown

Step 2: Hold down the power button on the PS4. You will hear the first beep and then a second beep 7 seconds later. The PS4 will start in Safety Mode.

Step 3: Connect the controller by wire and press the PS button.

When in Safety Mode look for the option Rebuild Database. Select this option and wait for the database to finish rebuilding. Don’t worry, this will not delete any of your data from the PS4.