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Best Legend in Apex – Revenant, Crypto, ALL Legends

So you’re probably wondering which Apex Legends character is the best? It’s a good question. It really depends on your play style. Some people are more supportive, so maybe Lifeline is a good choice. Others like to be tactical and sniff out the enemy. That’s where Bloodhound comes in. Whatever game style you happen to have there is a Legend for you. 

This guide will help you choose which Legend to use based on the way you play. Whether it be offensively, defensively or more tactically.



Coming from a military family, she was definitely born to kill. Bangalore is a full-on offensive Legend with some evasive tactics thrown in to boot. 

Apex Legends Bangalore ability

Tactical – Smoke Launcher

Her Tactical ability is called Smoke Launcher. When fired, the launcher shoots a smoke canister which breaks into three parts. The canisters omit a cloud of smoke to disrupt enemy vision. The launcher can be used twice in a row if needed. 

The Smoke Launcher then has to cool down for 33 seconds before it is ready to use again. The explosion from the canister causes 10 damage points to any nearby enemy. 

Not only can you use here ability to distract enemies and distort their vision. It can also be used to get out of a sticky situation. 

Smoke Launcher Counters: Threat highlighter scopes and Bloodhounds Ultimate ability, Beast of the Hunt are not affected by the smoke. In addition, if Wattson has an Interception Pylon placed, it will shoot down the canisters. 

Passive – Double Time

Bangalore’s tactical ability is Double Time. Double time gives you an extra speed boost when you have taken damage from a grenade or bullet. In fact, even if the bullet or grenade just misses, the ability will kick in. 

Bangalore gets a 25% speed boost for 2 seconds. It’s a great ability to help you get out of a bad situation fast. Use it to quickly evade the enemy and recharge your health.

Ultimate – Rolling Thunder

Who doesn’t love to call in artillery strikes? Bangalore’s Ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, allows you to do just that. Players can throw down a flare that marks the area for shelling. A moment later a bombardment of missiles is unleashed onto the area. 

However, the missiles don’t explode immediately. They take about 8 seconds to explode. Upon explosion, they deal 40 damage to any enemies caught in the blast radius. It also slows them down. 

The artillery strike is best used offensively by combining it with you and your teammate’s gunfire. The enemy will know the strike is incoming so it is the perfect time to pick them off while they scramble to evade the blast.

Rolling Thunder Counters: Interception Pylon, Wattson’s Ultimate ability can shoot down the missiles and the flare.


Bloodhound is the king of reconnaissance and counter-tactics. His abilities enable him to see things that no other Legend can. He is a great all-round Legend, suitable for any play style.

Apex Legends Bloodhound ability

Tactical – Eye of the Allfather

Bloodhounds Tactical Ability, Eye of the Allfather sends out a sonar wave that highlights hidden enemies, clues, traps and loot ticks in buildings and structures in front of him. It also shows this information to your teammates. 

Enemies are revealed for 1.5 seconds while traps and loot ticks will stay revealed until they are destroyed or looted.

Launch Pads, Nox Gas Traps, Perimeter Security nodes, and D.O.C.Heal Drones, Interception Pylons

Eye of the Allfather Top Tip: This ability does not scan in a 360 radius around Bloodhound. It scans where Bloodhound is looking within a 125 degrees perimeter. So remember to look where you want the ability to scan.

Passive – Tracker

This ability is extremely useful for scouting out an area. Especially smaller areas in the final rounds of a match. Tracker allows you to see recent movements and actions performed by enemies in the area. 

Grenade Pin, Blood, Left Zipline, [Ability], Door Used, Mantled, Slide Mark, Killer with[Weapon], Severe Bleeding, Perimeter Security Destroyed, Door Destroyed, Dropped/Landed, Loot Bin Opened, Interception Pylon Destroyed, Ziplined, Wound Bandaged, Killed by[Weapon], Smoke Residue, Footprint, Picked Up[Item],Pod Opened Gas Residue, Empty Shells

Tracker Top Tips: Clues will vanish after 1.5 minutes. You can also see how long ago the action occurred. Red tracks mean the enemy was just in the area. However, when the tracks are grey it means the enemy was in the area about a minute ago.

Ultimate – Beast of the Hunt

Beast of the Hunt allows Bloodhound to move faster, highlight enemies in red and reveal enemy footprints. The ability drains after 35 seconds. Beast of the Hunt can also see enemies through Nox and Smoke gas. 

Beast of the Hunt Top Tips: Beast of the Hunt is great for those players that love to use sniper rifles. Its ability to mark enemies in red from really long distances makes it easier to scope out players from a distance.


Caustic is great for players who like to play defensively and look out for their teammates. His abilities enable him to do just that. He loves gas by the way…!

Apex Legends Caustic Abilities

Tactical – Nox Gas Trap

Nox Gas Trap gives Caustic the ability to plant Nox gas canisters as a trap for enemies. When the enemy shoots or triggers the canister, it releases Nox gas that deals 4 damage and an additional 1 damage point for every second the enemy is in the gas. It is possible to plant a total of 6 traps on the map at one time.

Nox Gas Traps Counters: Sending Mirages decoys past the traps will not trigger them. You can also send Mirages decoys into the gas to reveal Caustic’s location. 

Nox Gas Trap Top Tips: A great tactic is to use Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher together. If your teammate has Bangalore, tell her to set of a smoke canister and throw a few gas traps into the smoke. The Nox gas will highlight enemies in green. This allows you to easily pick off the disoriented enemies caught in the gas. 

Passive – Nox Vision

We said he loves gas right? Well, Nox Vision allows Caustic to see through any Nox Gas blocking his vision. 

Nox Vision Top Tips: Remember you are immune to Nox Gas, even enemy Nox Gas. However, remember enemy Caustics are immune to your Nox Gas. Therefore, you cannot take for granted that all enemies have been highlighted green by the effects of your Nox Gas.

Ultimate – Nox Gas Grenade

The Nox Gas Grenade is essentially a bigger version of the traps. However, the grenade is a throwable projectile that detonates upon landing. It omits a green toxic gas that deals from 4 to 10 damage points every second to enemies caught in the gas radius. 

Nox Gas Grenade Tips: The Nox Gas Grenade is best used as a surprise element to stun enemies. For example, you can throw a grenade into a room you know enemies are, then use your Nox Vision to highlight them. While they are distracted and taking damage, move in to finish them off. 

Remember, your teammates cannot see the highlighted enemies so make sure to ping them or make a call out over your microphone.


Crypto is another great recon Legend. He’s great at hacking enemy equipment and doing things that quite frankly cause annoyance to the enemy. We call him the troll Legend.

Apex Legends Crypto Abilities

Tactical – Surveillance Drone

Cryptos Surveillance Drone is a handy little aircraft for finding out information. The drone can fly up to 200 meters from where it is deployed. It can also be left in mid-air while you carry on playing. Take a look at the abilities of the drone listed below.

Opening doors and supply bins, picking up downed teammates banner cards, Reveals enemy squads within 200 meters when pointed at a banner display, ping locations for teammates

Surveillance Drone Top Tips: Remember that Crypto is uncontrollable while using the drone. Therefore, it is best to find somewhere with cover while using it. You can use the Drone to collect your teammates banner within the ring. The drone is not affected by ring damage. 

Passive – Neurolink

Neurolink allows your teammates to see what your drone can within 30 meters. This gives you a great chance to scout the area and let your teammates know of any enemies too. However, keep in mind, enemies will know they are highlighted. 

Neurolink Counters: Caustics Nox Gas and Bangalores smoke both block Neurolink’s ability to highlight enemies.

If Mirage is cloaked, he cannot be detected by Neurolink. In addition, If enemies are within Gibraltars Dome of Protection, they will not be highlighted. 

Ultimate – Drone EMP

Cryptos Ultimate ability is used in conjunction with his drone. Drone EMP allows the drone to fire an EMP blast dealing 50 shield damage. It also destroys traps and slows enemies down. 

Nox Gas Traps, Dome of Protection, D.O.C Heal Drone, Perimeter Fence, Interception Pylon, Launch Pads, Shields

Drone EMP Top Tips: It is more worth it to use the Drone EMP on one enemy rather than a squad or multiple enemies. That way, your drone has less chance of being shot down and your Ultimate going to waste. 

Be careful of the EMP blast radius. It can also damage you and your teammate’s shield if caught in the blast.


Gibraltar is a defensive Legend suitable for players with a more laid back play style. Being large he tends to be quite slow on the battlefield. 

Apex Legends Gibraltar Abilities

Tactical – Dome of Protection

The Dome of Protection ability allows Gibraltar to activate a dome shield. You and your teammates can enter the dome and are fully protected from all enemy assaults. The Dome disappears after 18 seconds. 

Moreover, when inside the shield, you and all teammates get a 25% speed boost for all healing items.

Dome of Protection Top Tips: It is worth noting that you cannot fire out of the dome. It is purely for protection. 

It is great for reviving fallen teammates. Drop down the dome over your fallen teammate and quickly revive them. 

Passive – Gun Shield

Gun Shield’s ability gives Gibraltar a shield that he deploys upon aiming down sights. This shield blocks enemy gunfire and adds 75 health points to his upper body. It is important to note that Gibraltar can still get take damage to the legs as they are not behind the shield.

Gun Shield Top Tips: Remember the shield is quite bright and colorful. Therefore, enemies may spot you from far away. So it is important to remember that you can turn the shield off.

Ultimate – Defensive Bombardment

Besides his defensive abilities. He does have a powerful Ultimate. Defensive Bombardment allows you to call in a mortar strike. This mortar strike deals 40 damage per strike and lasts 6 seconds. However, players are given a heads up as to where the strike will land.

Defensive Bombardment Counters: If there is an interception Pylon in the area, it can shoot down the smoke grenade used to call it in and the actual mortar missiles. 

Defensive Bombardment Top Tips: A good strategy to use is to call in the bombardment along with your shield. Throw down your Dome of Protection, run inside, and call in the mortars. This will keep your enemies scrambling and allow you to heal as you think of the next move.


This lady is a lifesaver, literally. She’s a support legend with the power of healing on her side. She’s suitable for players who are more tactical and reserved. 

Apex Legends Lifeline Abilities

Tactical – D.O.C. Heal Drone

Her tactical is quite useful to use when things get heated or shortly after an intense gunfight. D.O.C. Heal Drone ability allows you to summon a drone that heals nearby players. Your teammates need to be within 3 meters of the drone for the drone to heal them.

D.O.C. Top Tips: It can heal teammates to a potential of 150 health points. It is best used when you and your teammates are stationary and in the process of healing already. For example, shortly after a gunfight when everyone is patching up. This will speed up the healing time. 

Passive – Combat Medic

She’s a very caring one. Especially as her Combat Medic ability allows her to revive teammates a second faster than all other legends, 4 seconds instead of 5 if you’re wondering. While she is in the process of reviving, a shield wall protects her front from enemy bullets and throwable explosives.

Moreover, the time it takes to use healing items is decreased by 25%. 

Combat Medic Top Tips: It is best to use this ability close to other cover and preferably away from gunfights. Even though a shield is deployed to protect you. Your teammate will be weak on revival so will probably be shot back down if revived in the middle of a battle.

Ultimate – Care Package

This is probably the sweetest of Lifeline’s abilities. Care Package allows you to call in a pod with 3 guaranteed high-quality gear, attachments and or consumables. Just keep in mind you’ll be waiting 15 seconds for the package to drop. Which can sometimes seem like a lifetime!

Care Package Top Tips: Sometimes we just have bad drops. If so, this is the best time to call in a care package. Just keep in mind your position will most likely be given away. So make sure to quickly take what is there and reposition. 

On the flip side, it can be used as a decoy or bait for enemy players. For example, in the final rounds, call it in to distract the enemy or beckon them out. Make sure to mark it somewhere strategic so you and your squad can cover it. This is similar to the way players use an AirDrop as bait in PUBG or Blackout.


Mirage is the master of deception. He is certainly for players of skill that like to be up and close with the enemy.

Apex Legends Mirage Abilities

Tactical – Psyche Out

The master of deception uses holographic imagery to confuse the opponents of his position. On activation, Psyche Out sends out a holographic version of Mirage to distract enemies. 

The hologram replicates in the direction Mirage performs an action. Essentially creating multiple holographic Mirages. When the enemy destroys the decoy, their location will be given away to you and your teammates. 

Psyche Out Top Tips: The more seasoned players will know how to spot the real Mirage from the decoys. To fool them, the best bet is to act as the decoy rather than running off in a completely different direction.

Think realistically when using Psyche Out. For example, snipers tend to stand still while looking out a window or near cover. Equip a sniper rifle if you have one and activate Psyche Out at a window. Enemy players are more likely to shoot at a sniper in a window.

Passive – Encore!

Encore is a nice ability to use to escape enemy finishers. When you are downed, Mirage will drop a decoy and turn invisible for 5 seconds. This gives you a chance to crawl away to safety.

Encore Counters: All types of threat vision can still detect you even if you’re invisible. With the exception of Cryptos Surveillance Drone.

Encore Top Tips: You are not completely invisible. When you move, enemies can spot the dust moving, potentially giving away your position. Moreover, it is important to note that using your energy shield will give away your position.

Ultimate – Vanishing Act

Vanishing Act is Mirages Ultimate ability. On activation, a group of decoys appear to distract enemies while Mirage turns invisible. While cloaked, Mirage is pretty much undetectable to everything accept Bloodhounds Tracker ability.

Vanishing Act Top Tips: Vanishing Act is best used in chaotic gunfights as an escape route. In the midst of the chaos, enemies are less likely to spot cloaked Mirage, giving you time to escape.


Octane is a master of speed and frantic movements. He is best used by the more aggressive, rushing play styles.

Apex Legends Octane Abilities

Tactical – Stim

Stim allows Octane to move 30% faster at the cost of 10 health points.  

Stim Top Tips: As this ability speeds you up. It is best used when you’re trying to flank enemies or rush up on them with the element of surprise.  

Passive – Swift Mend

Everyone likes to be automatically healed right? Well, Swift Mend does just that. Swift Mend heals Octane over time at a rate of about 1 health point every 2 seconds. 

Swift Mend Top Tips: Besides its ability to heal you it is still recommended to prioritize healing items such as medkits for healing purposes. It is best used in the later rounds when you know things are soon going to become hectic.

Ultimate – Launch Pad

Octanes Ultimate is quite useful if used the right way. On activation, Launch Pad deploys a catapult that can launch people into the air. Moreover, the launch pad can be destroyed by gunfire and lethals. 

Launch Pad Top Tips: It is a great way to get out of sticky situations. Whichever way you are walking or running, the launch pad will send you up and in that direction. Interestingly enough, you can use the Launch Pad to throw grenades and other throwables further. 


Pathfinder is a supportive Legend, great for players who like to stay moving and active. 

Apex Legends Pathfinder Abilities

Tactical – Grappling Hook

His Grappling Hook ability is super useful when moving around the map. It can attach to objects up to 21 meters away from Pathfinder.

Grappling Hook Top Tips: The Grappling Hook is a great tool for repositioning. Whether it be flanking the enemy or getting up high. You can attach the hook to moving objects to boost you even further. 

Passive – Insider Knowledge

Insider Knowledge gives Pathfinder the ability to access survey beacons around the map. Access to these survey beacons lets him know where the next ring will be. 

Insider Knowledge Top Tips: Remember that this ability can be used again when the next round starts. Just try to keep in mind where the beacons are. 

Ultimate – Zipline Gun

Zipline Gun is a very useful tool to help you and your teammates travel to places. Especially places that may take some time to get to. For example, high on a mountain.

Zipline Gun Top Tips: You could pretty much use the zipline to get anywhere quickly. However, remember that enemies can use it too. So keep in mind, wherever you go with the zipline, you can be followed.


Wattson is an absolute defensive Legends suited to players who like to play more conservatively.

Apex Legends Wattson Abilities

Tactical – Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security gives her the ability to deploy up to 12 electronic fences. The fences tick with electricity. Each tick deals 10 damage to any enemies who pass through the fence. The tick will also slow enemies down.

Perimeter Security Top Tips: Fences are best used to block flank routes especially when you and your squad are held down in a location.

Passive – Spark of Genius

Spark of Genius allows Ultimate Accelerants to fully charge Wattson’s Ultimate, Interception Pylon. 

Spark of Genius Top Tips: If you stand near an Interception Pylon your Perimeter Security ability will have 4-second cooldowns instead of 30. Remember to pick up an Ultimate Accelerant if you are playing as Wattson.

Ultimate – Interception Pylon

Interception Pylon is essentially a trophy system that blocks incoming enemy projectiles. It also repairs you and your squad’s damaged shields. 

Spark of Genius Counters: The pylon cannot shoot down Nox Gas Traps, Domes of Protection or Lifelines Heal Drone. 

Nox Gas damages the pylon as well as Cryptos EMP.

Spark of Genius Top Tips: As the pylon can take damage place it somewhere where it is not easily shot at.


Wraith is an offensive Legend great for all players that love to be up close and personal with the action.

Apex Legends Wraith Abilities

Tactical – Into the Void

Her tactical ability is called Into the Void. Upon activation, Wraith can reposition herself and becomes invisible and invincible. However, she is not entirely invisible. She will leave behind a blue trail that enemies can detect. When she is both invisible and invincible, shes said to be in the void. 

Into the Void Top Tips: It’s important to keep in mind that Wraith cannot do anything accept move while in the void. As a result, it is best to use this ability to get out of a doomed gunfight.

Passive – Voices from the Void

While Voices of the Void is active. A voice warns Wraith about approaching danger:

Enemy aiming at you
Nearby Traps
Multiple enemies nearby

Ultimate – Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rift is a quirky Ultimate, to say the least. Using Dimensional Rift lets her activate two time travel portals. The portals allow players to quickly travel long distances. She can run for 11 seconds before she has to place down the second portal. Moreover, she also gets a 25% speed boost while Dimensional Rift is activated. 

Dimensional Rift Top Tips: The portals only last for 1 minute so the Rift is best used to get out of a heated situation and not for more long term tactical play.


Revenant was introduced in Season 4 of Apex Legends. He’s great at stealth and movement.

Apex Legends Revenant Stats and Information

Tactical – Silence

His tactical ability is called Silence. Using Silence enables players to throw a device that will deal damage and disable the enemy player’s abilities.

Passive – Stalker

This is a great ability and really showcases Revenants movement skills. Stalker allows him to move faster while crouching and climb higher than the other legends.

Ultimate Ability – Death Totem

This is a great support ability and probably Revenants best one. He is able to drop a Totem device which saves teammates from death. This Totem won’t be around forever though, so use it wisely. Instead of your teammates going down or dying, they will be sent into the Totem and released later.

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