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Top Tips To Unlock Obsidian Camo FAST Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare fans rejoice! The newest 1.20 patch is here, which means that the Obsidian Camo skins are available and ready to be unlocked.

The good news is that Obsidian Camos are here, the bad news is that you’ll have to grind and get a ton of kills before you get one.

How to Unlock Obsidian

Luckily, getting Obsidian camo does not require you to have the Platinum camo or Damascus camo, it does however require you to have Gold camo for the weapon.

Getting just the Gold camo can be a challenge itself because you need to unlock every other camo available for that gun in order to get the Gold camo.

Once you’ve got the Gold camo though, with some patience and grinding, you’ll eventually unlock the Obsidian camo.

Starting off with Assault Rifles, you need to get 15 kills in a match 200 times in order to unlock the Obsidian camo, totaling to a minimum of 3,000 kills to get the camo.

3,000 kills alone is already a hard challenge and requires a lot of time, but remember that you also need to get 15 kills in a match for it to count towards unlocking the camo.

Luckily, you can get 30 kills in a match and it would count as 2 out of the 200 instead of only 1, which makes it quite easier. Unfortunately, if you only get 29 kills in a match it will only count as 1.

As long as you get multiples of 15, all of them will count towards your total count. 


For Sub-Machine guns and Light machine guns, you need to get 15 kills in a match for 150 times. SMGs are light weapons with a fast rate of fire which can make it easy for you to move around the map and easily get kills.


LMGs on the other hand can leave you quite immobile, so it’s better to just stay in a good spot and take down your enemies as they come towards you.

Snipers & Markmans

Snipers and marksman rifles require you to get 15 kills in a match, 125 times. Again, the best approach is to stay in a location where you can easily see many enemies and killing them as they pass by.

Snipers and Marksman rifles are not great for close range combat, so keeping your distance is a must.


You only need to accomplish 15 kills in a match, 100 times in order to unlock the Obsidian camo for pistols. However, it can be quite difficult to get kills using pistols since they are low damage weapons.

A great way to get easy kills is by blasting down your enemies using an SMG or AR and then quickly switching to your pistol and finishing them off.

Riot Shield

The shield/ Riot shield only requires you to get a total of 750 kills. Though it can be quite difficult since you are slower when using the Riot shield and it usually takes 2 hits to kill enemies. I suggest playing in Hardcore mode, so that you can 1 hit your enemies and kill multiple in a match.


Getting 10 kills in a match for 125 times using the knife will help you unlock the Obsidian for knives. Probably the easiest way to get knife kills is to sneak up on your enemies and surprising them with your combat knife.


For shotguns you also need 15 kills in a match for 150 times. Your best chance is getting close up to enemies to get kills. Never use shotguns at long ranges, because you’ll probably end up getting killed before you get a kill.


RPG only require you to get 5 kills in a match for 150 times. You can easily get a lot of kills when enemies are grouped up or you can choose to kill enemies one by one.

The Pila, Jokr, and Strela require you to destroy either 100 vehicles or killstreaks. 

Extra Tips to Unlock Obsidian Camo

  • Getting Obsidian camos is definitely going to cost you a lot of time but here are a few additional tips that can help you reduce the time and ensure that you can get your camo in the fastest way possible.
  • Always remember that having kills that are multiples of 15 in a match stack, so if you are on 28 kills try your hardest to get 30 so that it will count as 2, instead of only 1.
  • Make sure to stick to a single weapon first and don’t try to get all the Obsidian camos on every weapon at the same time. Sticking to a single weapon will allow you to have an easier time grinding since you can stay focused on one weapon instead of many.
  • Make sure to play small maps when you are trying to get the Obsidian camo on great close-range weapons like SMGs or shotguns. This ensures that you can easily see people quickly and get pretty close to them to get the kill.
  • Pistols and Riot shield kills can be more easily done by chunking down your enemy using a different weapon and then finishing them off using the pistol or shield.
  • If you are having a hard time getting to 15 kills, you can also go into Hardcore mode, where you can have an easier time to kill multiple enemies in just a single match. Just try it out and see if it works for you.
  • Finally, patience is the key. Obsidian camos are not meant to be unlocked just within a day’s worth of playing. It’s a long term investment and there are no quick ways to get it aside from actually playing the game.
  • Obsidian camos are probably not for the players who are looking to play 1 or 2 games a day and want to get the camo, that’s simply not how it works.
  • Obsidian camos provide diehard players with extra-long term challenges to complete that can also show their expertise and skills in a specific weapon. 
  • It takes a lot of dedication and time to unlock a single Obsidian camo, so make sure that you are ready to commit to a single weapon and play it for weeks or maybe even months.