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Top Tips to Get Better at Modern Warfare Gunfight 2v2

Gunfight is a brand new 2v2 game mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Players have to battle to be the last team alive. The first team to win 6 matches wins.

Every player is assigned the same loadout. The loadout changes every 2 rounds. Each round lasts 40 seconds with an added 10 seconds overtime. During the 10 seconds of overtime. A flag spawns in the center of the map. Teams can capture the flag. The flags cap time is 3 seconds. If a team has capped the flag and overtime ends. The team will win. In addition, if no team has captured the flag. The team with the most health wins.

Round Time40 seconds (50 including Overtime)
Overtime10 seconds
How to winKill all enemies on the opposite team
Survive the round with more health than the enemy team
Cap the flag and survive over time
Flag capture time3 seconds

Gunfight Gameplay Tips

Mute the Audio

The music that plays between rounds can be quite loud and distracting. Moreover, it plays for a few seconds after the next round has begun. Therefore, you could be missing out on hearing enemy footsteps. The best tip to counter this is to turn off the music audio completely while playing gunfight mode.

Know Your Class Setup

Before each countdown, you will see your class setup. Make sure to take note of what guns and equipment you have been assigned. Knowing the guns and equipment can certainly affect your decisions.

For example, if you know prior to starting the round that you have a concussion grenade. You can quickly use this to take an enemy out in a gunfight.

Footsteps and Sprinting

Listening for footsteps is a good way to predict where the enemy is. Especially when the enemy is sprinting. Remember to slow down or stop for a second to have a quick listen.

You should also learn how to use sprinting to your advantage. You don’t need to be sprinting all the time. The best time to sprint is when you need to get into a gunfight fast. For example, if you hear your teammate in a gunfight nearby.

Double Check Enemy Positions

You should always double-check possible routes the enemy has taken. This means taking quick peaks at rush routes or laneways. And if you see an enemy on a route, make sure to call out where they are to let your teammate know.

Play the Flag

After 40 seconds into the round, a flag appears in the middle of the map. If you capture this flag, you are guaranteed to win the round provided you don’t die.

As the round timer counts down and you have captured the flag. You will win the round if you manage to survive. So it is best to play for the position at this point in the game.

Keep an Eye on Team Health

At the top of the screen, you will see the total health of your team and the enemy team. Use enemy health to help you make better decisions. For example, if the enemy has low health and you have good health. You shouldn’t have a problem pushing for the kill.

Moreover, if you have better health. There is no point in pushing for the flag. The enemy either has to capture the flag and survive or take out your team to win.

Mix Up Your Playstyle

Try to mix up your playstyle as much as you can. The maps are small and the rounds are short. If you’re doing the same thing every round. The enemy is going to notice this quickly.

This is why you need to mix it up constantly and be unpredictable. This is where having a regular teammate to communicate with will help. Talk to each other and plan out gameplay strategies.

Party Up To Win

If you really want to get the edge in Gunfight. You need to play with someone else you know. Playing regularly with the same people helps you learn each others play style. Remember its a team game so party up as much as you can to win more games.

Communicate Callouts

Gunfight is a team game. Therefore, it requires good communication between you and your teammate. If you’re entering a match alone, switch on your headset and try to chat and team up with the person you’re playing with.

This will make it much easier for you to compete in Gunfight. Learn the callouts and make sure to use them.

Stay Close to your Teammate

You should always position yourself relatively close to your teammate so you can get to them quickly and effectively. This is crucial when trying to get better at MW Gunfight.

For example, if your team is far away and they end up dying in a gunfight. This gives the enemy time to regroup with their teammate. Now you’re being hunted by two players.

However, if you are close by you can take out the enemy that killed your teammate making it 1v1. These odds are much better now.

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