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Season 3 – 8 Apex Legends META Tips

Apex Legends Season 3 has landed and you’re probably wondering what are the best things to know to get the edge in Season 3. This guide will walk you through all the important things to know in Apex Season 3.

This guide doesn’t only focus on Season 3. The tips we to share with you today will help you get better at Apex Legends in general as well as into the future.

New Map – World’s Edge

Apex Legends has a new map this season and Kings Canyon has been scrapped for now. As of now, it is unknown whether it will return in the future.

A new map, besides being great for the Apex fanbase, is also good news for players joining late to the Apex games. If you have just downloaded Apex Legends and are looking to start playing. You won’t be up against players who have the map mastered.

Everyone is back to the start in terms of learning the map so now is a great time to jump on and learn for yourself. We recommend jumping on as soon as you can and practicing as much as possible.

Play a few games and land in all the different locations around the map. Explore as much as you can. To get existing and new players alike up to date with World’s Edge. Check out the list of new features below:

  • Geysers that shoot you into the air. You can then glide in the direction you want.
  • The map is split between lava and ice.
  • There are secret tunnels and vaults. Vaults contain high-quality rare loot.
  • The map features a lot more open area suitable for long-range sniper fights.

Check out our post here if you want a more in-depth guide on all the new Worlds Edge map features.

New Legend – Crypto

Respawn has graced us with a new surveillance Legend. His name is Crypto and he is the ultimate troll Legend. He can deploy a drone that can scout the area within 30 meters.

His drone also combines with his EMP Blast, Ultimate ability. His drone can be flown into enemy territory and released to cause an EMP blast that deals 50 shield damage and destroy traps.

Crypto is great for countering Wattson’s perimeter fences making it a lot easier to breach buildings that were closed off by her fences.

Check out our latest overview on all the Apex Legends characters if you want a more in-depth guide on Crypto.

Shoot the Colorful Balls

If you look in the sky you will see colorful balls flying across the World’s Edge skyline. These balls are a similar concept to flyers in Kings Canyon. You will notice they change color every few seconds. This color is linked to the loot that you will get when it falls to the ground.

Therefore, try to shoot it down when it is purple to bag some Legendary loot. Shooting down means you could also find a vault key. The vault key is used to open the vaults mentioned earlier. They contain high-level loot for you and your team.

Disruptor and Skullpiercer Rounds are no more

Respawn Entertainment has decided to remove Disruptor Rounds and Skullpiercer rounds from the game. After many nerfs and tweaking. It was decided to remove the Hop-Ups because they were too overpowered.

The Skullpiercer Hop-Up made the Longbow sniper overwhelming with too many people using it. This factor, as well as World’s Edge featuring a lot more sniper areas, would have made sniping too OP. We guess they needed to balance it all somehow.

To compensate for the removal of Skullpiercer rounds. The Longbow and the Wingman’s headshot damage was increased.

2 New Hop-Ups – Anvil Reciever and Double Tap Trigger

The first new Hop-Up is called the Anvil Receiver. This is compatible with the R301 and Flatline. It allows you to turn them into single-mode fire rate. Single-mode deals higher damage per round at the cost of a slower fire rate.

The second new Hop-Up is Doube Tap Trigger. This hop-up is compatible with the G7 Scout and EVA-8. When active it fires two rounds per trigger pull instead of one.

The G7 Scout with Doube Tap Trigger is now a top contender among the sniper rifles. We recommend practicing with it as much as possible. If you get good with it, the damage potential is insane.

Get Good At Sniping

With all the open landscape, sniping is going to be a big factor in Apex Legends Season 3. The G7 Scout with added Double Tap Trigger will be a top contender.

In addition to that, the Flatline and R301 can now be turned into high-velocity single-shot weapons. This puts these weapons in competition with sniper rifles if the player attaches a long-range scope such as a 6x or 8x scope.

Apex Legends In-Depth Weapon Overview

New Charge Rifle

The new Charge Rifle is a single fire energy rifle. It charges up and fires a beam. You can do damage to your opponent by following them with the beam. When fully charged, the rifle fires the charged burst that deals 45 damage.

The Charge Rifle is compatible with Energy Mags, Scopes and a sniper stock. Moreover, it is not exclusive to special care packages so it is available to everyone. We recommend getting using it as soon as you can.

Use the Train System

Yes, you heard it, there is an all-new train system in World’s Edge. Players can ride the train to different parts of the map. To activate the train, go to the cockpit on board.

However, just be careful using it. Sometimes the train will take off without one of your teammates. Leaving your teammate stranded and your squad broken up for the remainder of the match.

Additionally, the train is also a great area to take cover in and contains great loot. In fact, it’s one of the hottest drops in the game so make sure to land there if you want some sweet loot.

If you are looking for some more general tips on Apex Legends. Head on over to our Apex Legends beginner tips guide. A lot of the gameplay mechanic tips still apply to Season 3.