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How to SUPERCHARGE your Xbox One Internet Speed

Your Xbox One Internet Speed sucks right? It’s actually not that difficult to fix this. However, most people just don’t know how to do it. Last week, I wrote an article on how to boost your PS4 internet speed. Then I wondered did the same method work for the Xbox One. I found that it did work. As a result, I decided to make this guide on how to supercharge your Xbox One Internet Speed. So without further ado, let’s get into the guide.

It requires you to change your Xbox One DNS Settings to run on either CloudFlare’s or Google’s DNS settings. You should try both methods I will show you below. Either one of these DNS Settings will work for you.

Use Google’s DNS to make your Xbox One internet speed better

Go to your Xbox Settings. Select Network Settings. Next, go to Advanced Settings. From Advanced Settings select DNS Settings. Choose manual. Input the following values:

Primary IPv4 DNS:

Secondary IPv4 DNS:

Use Cloudflare’s DNS

Follow the same method as above. However, change your DNS settings to the following values:

Primary IPv4 DNS:

Secondary IPv4 DNS:

Other useful tips to boost your Xbox One internet speed

Sometimes, your internet data plan is not enough. You could consider upgrading to a better plan. This is guaranteed to increase your internet speed. Although, it will cost you money. 

Use an ethernet cable to connect your Xbox directly to your router. This might not be suitable for everyone. Especially those with their Xbox One far from the router. If this is a viable option for you. I bought a great ethernet cable on Amazon that tripled my Xbox One internet speed. Plus, it was less than 7 bucks. 

The final tip I recommend is to invest in WiFI Extenders. WiFi extenders are like little mini routers that pick up the signal of your main router and boost it to another part of your home. For example, if your router is downstairs. Place the WiFi extender at the top of the stairs. The extender will pick up your WiFi signal and boost it to all the upstairs of your house. The best WiFi extenders are made by NETGEAR. I bought mine on Amazon for 30 bucks. I now have a much better WiFi signal around my entire house.  

What’s even better is that it comes with an Ethernet port. This means you can connect your Xbox One to the WiFi extender through an ethernet cable. Which means you can have a wired Xbox One without having to run a cable down your stairs. 

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