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How to make the M16 variant in Modern Warfare?

Someone asked us on Twitter to do a guide on how to make the M16 in Modern Warfare. So we decided to put together this guide to show you how it is done. 

It is actually quite easy if you have the attachments unlocked. This guide will take you through exactly how to make the M16. In addition, we will discuss the M16 stats and the best strategies for the weapon. 

The M16 first appeared in Call of Duty in 2010 with the release of Black Ops. It has since appeared in other COD titles including Black Ops 4 and COD Mobile

What you need to do first

You will need to level up the M4A1 enough so you unlock the attachments needed to make the M16. Below we list these attachments.

How to make the M16 in Modern Warfare?

Provided you have all the attachments unlocked. Go to the M4A1 Gunsmith. First, attach the M16 Grenadier barrel, next attach the M16 stock and finally add the burst fire perk. You have now made the M16.

How to make the M16 in Modern Warfare
How to make the M16 in Modern Warfare

M16 Stats

  • Damage: 28-18
  • Rate of Fire: 833RPM
  • Shots to Kill: 4-6

From the stats above we can see that the M16 can kill enemies in 4 shots close range dropping off to 6 shots long range. Essentially, the stats of the M4A1 do not change when you convert it to the M16. We suggest how to make this weapon viable below.

Best strategy for the M16

Although it is a fan favorite from past Call of Duty titles. The M16 does not perform very well in Modern Warfare. It is overall very slow and clunky. Because the stats are the same as the M4A1 standard. It is essentially, the M4A1 with a slower time to kill and ADS speed. If using the M16, only use the weapon on large maps with long lines of sight. It is also recommended to put some sort of scope on the weapon to make aiming easier. 

Moreover, attaching the .458 Socom rounds will make the weapon a 3 shot to kill. In fact, adding Socom rounds bumps up the damage range to 48-41. This means the weapon will wipe players in 1 burst if all shots land. Therefore, this attachment is highly recommended on the M16.

Stats Source: Drift0r