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How and Where to Fish in Fortnite?

Fishing is a brand new mechanic in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. You’ve probably been wondering about fishing and maybe asking yourself why to bother fishing. Well, it’s actually a fun mechanic to try out. It can also be very rewarding if you get lucky. 

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about fishing. Including what can you fish, where to fish and how to fish in Fortnite. 

How to Fish in Fortnite?

If you want to fish in Fortnite you need to find a fishing rod first. You can find fishing rods all throughout the map. They are particularly more likely to spawn near or around water. Fishing rods can be found in wooden barrels. 

You can’t really miss them. You will see the fishing rods sitting in the barrel. In addition, you can also find fishing rods in chests. When you see the fishing rod pick it up and equip it.

When you have it equipped, head over to the water and use the fishing rod. It takes a few seconds to catch something once you have cast your line into the water. 

Where can I fish?

As we already mentioned. You can fish pretty much anywhere there is water. However, there are areas known as splash zones that will reward you with the best fish and items.

When you look in the water, look out for the areas of the water creating little circular ripples in the water. You will also see a small cluster of fish swimming underneath the splash zone. 

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These areas are the best places to fish. You are much more likely to get a Slurpfish or gold weapon variant fishing in these areas.

The alternative to fishing in the splash zones is to fish in the calm areas of the water. Fishing here will only wield common fish and items. In addition, you will never catch a Slurpfish in calm areas.

What can I catch when fishing in Fortnite?

Not only can you catch fish but you can also catch weapons and items. After tossing a few lines we managed to get a sniper rifle and a tactical shotgun. Not bad! 

The fish you can catch are the Slurpfish, Flopper and the Small Fry. The Slurpfish and the Flopper are the best fish and can only be caught in the splash zones mentioned above. 

Types of fish

  • Slurpfish: The Slurpfish is an Epic item and is a really good healing item. On consumption is heals players 50 health points. It also heals your shield if your health is already full. The Slurpfish is essentially the Slurp Juice without the “heal over time” effect. They stack in 4’s in your inventory.
  • Flopper: Flopper heals 50 health on consumption. It can be stacked in 4’s in your inventory.
  • Small Fry: This is the worst of the fish but still serves its purpose. On use, it heals 25 health up to 75 health points. If you have more than 75 health points you cannot use the Small Fry. It is essentially the same as bandages. The Small Fry can be stacked in 6’s in your inventory.

Fishing Top Tips

Try to put stairs down near you or find an area near cover. When you fish you are very vulnerable so be aware of nearby enemies.

The fishing rod can be used to pull enemies and teammates towards you. Mess around with. It’s actually quite funny to troll your friends. 

Remember, if you want to catch the good loot. Fish in the splash zones only. 

Keep in mind that you can move your character while you fish. This is a good way to avoid being an easy target for enemies in the distance.