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Fortnite Chapter 2 Changes: Map, Weapons & Features

After the Fortnite Blackout. People didn’t know what to expect. Now that Chapter 2, Season 1 has dropped, it is time to evaluate everything again. Because Fortnite has completely changed. A new map, new features, and a complete reset of the weapons. 

This guide will take you through all those changes and also give you some very useful tips you can use to improve your gameplay in Chapter 2: Season 1.

All-New Map and Locations – Apollo Map

Yes, we take it you have noticed by now but there is a whole new map in Fornite and it comes with all-new locations to discover.

This map guide will take you through each map location and with a brief on it’s surrounding areas.

Craggy Cliffs

Craggy Cliffs sits in the very north center of the map. Craggy is a small town with houses and stores scattered throughout. It also features a large fish sticks restaurant in the north of the town. 

It is right on the shorefront, therefore, it has boats you can use to rotate or get to the next zone quickly. 

Sweaty Sands

To the North West of Apollo lies Sweaty Sands. Sweaty is a small settlement right by the seaside, with a hotel in the center and several stores and houses throughout.

It also features a large boardwalk pier. On the pier, you can find loot and fishing rods you can use to fish.

Weeping Woods

This forested area is reminiscent of whaling woods and lonely lodge. Players can find log cabins and trees scattered throughout the area.

To the east of the map lies a giant watchtower which is useful for getting a birdseye view of the battlefield early on in a game.

Holly Hedges

To the west of Weeping Woods lies Holly Edges. Holly Hedges is a small and picturesque town complete with small and some large houses.

It also features a beautiful garden park in the north of the town. We recommend taking a visit there if you like finding loot riddled chests(hint hint).

Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp is to the South West of the map just below weeping woods. It comes featured with its very own Slurp factory. Players choosing to land here can expect to obtain plenty of wood, steel, and brick to farm.

Misty Meadows

The next up is Misty Meadows to the south of the map. It looks quite like Happy Hamlet from the previous Fortnite Chapter 1 map. It features all the similar style buildings including the iconic clock tower from Happy Hamlet.

Lazy Lake

Lazy Lake is a unique addition to Chapter 2. It is a modern settlement in the northeast of the map. In addition, it is also packed full of loot and is looking to be the hot spot to land this season.  

Dirty Docks

Dirty Docks is a large boat dock on the east coast of the map. It has what every dock would have. Boats, containers and large cranes. It is an intense place for close-quarter combat.

Steamy Stacks

Steamy Stacks is a large power plant in the northeast of the map. In Steamy, you can find two large power plant towers with pink goo plasma pools everywhere. It is very unique location in Chapter 2, certainly, check it out.

Frenzy Farms

A large farmland called Frenzy Farms is located in the North East of the map. It is a mashup of 2 old locations from Fortnite’s Chapter 1 map. Fatal Fields and Anarchy Acres. Scattered throughout the farm are cornfields and giant barns to loot from.

Rotation Tips


Motorboats can be found through the map along the edges of the water. They can hold up to 4 people and fire large rockets.

Motorboats also have decent health at 800 HP. If you need to get out of a sticky situation. Use the boats booster ability to do just that.

You should be using the boats as a rotation device. Especially if you land on the outer edges of the map and need to get to the safety of the circle quicker. 

Remember the rivers run throughout the center of the map so the boat can be used to get to the circle most of the time, especially in the earlier rounds. 


Swimming is another great way to rotate the map in Fortnite Chapter 2. You can swim by simply jumping into the water and paddling forwards. Or you can also jump and land back in the water similar to the way a dolphin swims.

But there’s more. The rivers on the map have currents. If you swim with the current you will travel much quicker. However, travelling against it makes swimming rather slow. 

The last thing to note in terms of the water is that jumping from a height such as a bridge into water will negate all fall damage. Keep this in mind if you need to jump from a height and there is water below you.


Fishing is the latest quirk added to the Fortnite Meta. Fishing is a tactical way to get weapons and other loot items. More importantly, players can fish to obtain Flopper Fish that heals 50 Health Points. 

Most importantly, fishing in a hotspot can bag players the Slurpfish. Slurpfish are one of the best healing items in the game. 

If you want to learn everything about fishing. Simply check out our Fortnite Fishing Guide.

Weapon META Changes

Check out this image below for a breakdown of the current loot pool in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1. 

Epic has made a whole turnaround in terms of the available weapons and items in-game. So much stuff has been vaulted and weapons have been brought back to basics. Every weapon has a white, green, blue, gold and purple rarity.

Weapon Stats Changes

Pump Shotgun’s damage ranges have been changed with the new update. Not only did the Pump Shotgun get a new look but they have also tweaked the weapons damage range. 

Headshot Damage

  • White Pump: 140
  • Blue Pump: 180
  • Gold Pump: 220

As a result of these changes, only the gold, and purple pumps can one-shot people. Moreover, this makes the tactical shotgun better than the pump now. So if you can’t find a gold or purple pump, prioritize the tac because it’s better.

Burst Assault Rifles

The burst assault rifles are back this season. The gold and purple versions are essentially AUGs and are quite powerful if you land your shots. 

Submachine Guns

The Submachine and Compact SMG are two beast weapons and are definitely weapons you will want in your arsenal this season. 

Sniper Rifle

The Bolt Action Sniper makes a return with some changes. Epic has given the weapon a rarity change, a new reload animation and the ability to do collateral damage.


The Pistol is shaping up to be a fan favorite because of its semi-auto capabilities. Watch out for the gold version as it comes with a damage buff compared to its white variant.


RPG’s have also gotten a rarity change. They can now be found in white, blue and green rarities as well as gold and purple. 

The Bandage Bazooka

The Bandage Bazooka is a great device to use this season. It is used to heal you and your teammates. Each time you shoot someone with it. It heals them 15 health points instantly. 

Take note that the Bandage Bazooka takes up 2 slots in your inventory.

Other Misc Game Changes in Fortnite Chapter 2

Hay Stacks & Dumpsters

Hay Stacks can be found scattered throughout the map. They can be used to hide in and to take cover. You can also hide in dumpsters found throughout towns.

Blue Chest

Blue Chests are found in typical chest locations. However, Blue chests give you traps and extra loot.

Storm Tweaks

The storm is now pretty much see-through. Before players used to activate colorblind modes in the game which gave them a better view inside the storm. They are no longer needed as the storm is transparent enough.

Upgrade Stations

Upgrade Stations can be found throughout the world. Players can use them to upgrade their weapons using brick, wood, and steel.

Each upgrade will bring your weapon one tier above what it is. So if you have a blue pump. You can upgrade it to a gold with a set amount of materials.

Throwable Enemies

This is a hilarious addition to the Fortnite gameplay. You can now pick enemies up and throw them after you have knocked them. 

Beware though, throwing also means you’re throwing their loot away with them as their loot will drop wherever they land. 

Thanks to ItsJerian for originally compiling this guide on his YT channel. Check him out and give him a subscription.