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Game On! Best Apple Games for the Whole Family

Playing digital games together is a great way to build strong family bonds. It creates memorable experiences and an environment of fun. Games also improve life skills such as critical thinking, communication, and self-control.

There are many types of interactive games on the Apple Store suitable for the entire family. Some of them require members to participate in various roles. Others allow members to have fun in turns in a collaborative environment.


Chess is one of the oldest games that is still fun to play today.  It is one of the fun games on the app store that is played by millions of people. Two family members compete against each other.

Their main goal is for the player to capture the opponent’s king. The game can also end in a draw through mutual consent or stalemate.  It consists of a king, a queen, rooks, bishops, knights, and pawns.  It has many variations across the world.


Scrabble can be played by two to four people at a time. They compete to create words using lettered tiles. They move the tiles to create interlocking words like a crossword puzzle. Its main goal is to score the most points than all other opponents. The game ends when one opponent has used all the tiles available. It is one of the game apps for iPhone available in over 30 languages.

When you are using Apple devices in a family, it is useful to know what is family sharing on iPhone. It is a feature that allows one member to make purchases or subscriptions on the app store. It is easy to learn how to leave a family on Apple in an Apple Family Sharing group. After one member makes a purchase, other members can then get access without having to pay again. They can share music, Apple News+, iCloud storage, and many more.


Monopoly is one of the popular family games to play on iPhone or MacBook. It can have from two up to eight opponents at a time. Its goal is for each player to try and remain solvent while forcing the others to go bankrupt. The winning participant forces the opponents to continually buy real estate and develop it. This way, they end up with no revenue flow and thus go bankrupt. They are then eliminated until only one player remains.

Hidden Objects

Hidden Objects is in the list of top fun games on the app store fit for the entire family.  It is also referred to as Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure. Its aim is for players to find as many hidden objects as possible. It is an adventure game that takes opponents through a treasure-finding journey. One of the winning tricks is to find items of the same colors. It minimizes the hiding spots for items with that color. Participants may take turns to play or each may play individually on their gadgets.


Ludo is one of the highly popular games to play with a family. Any two to four members of the family can compete at a time. It is a strategy game whose goal is to move tokens around the board. They move the tokens out of their base to the start point.

They can then move them across columns to the home page. Opponents must look for chances to cut each other’s tokens and to escape or block them. The player who manages to move their four tokens safely to the home triangle is the winner.

Escape Team

Escape Team requires members to download and print the game to play. It is an interactive escape game played on pen and paper. Its goal is to collaborate to solve puzzles. The game is played by 2 to 4 people. It requires the use of logical and creative thinking abilities. When the team collaborates well, they solve a variety of puzzles and everyone wins.

The Game of Life

The Game of Life is a popular parlor game. It takes a player through their journey of life from youth to retirement. If necessary, they go through college, career, and family. The entire journey of the game takes six years. The goal is for participants to go through different phases of life and look for success.

They must successfully transition from one phase to the next. When they start to earn money, they need to make different investments until they retire. It is useful for teaching young family members to take life seriously and invest in it.


Different types of games help strengthen family bonds when played together. They provide the family with a fun-filled interactive environment. They can also enhance memory, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Many of the games require collaboration to win. Many others require a strategy to trick opponents. They are available on the app store and can be enjoyed by the whole family.