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BMW M3 Best Drift Tune Forza Horizon 5

This guide will take you through the BMW M3 best drift tune. This particular tune is for the BMW M3 2005 model. The M3 was a fan favorite drift build in Horizon 4 and it was my personal favorite car to drift at the old Horizon festival.

Vehicle History

The BMW M3 is a compact executive sports car developed by German Autos manufacturer BMW since 1986. There have been many models but the M3 in this guide is part of the E46 generation and was produced in 2005.

Drift Car Parts

Below are the car parts you need to make the best BMW M3 drift tune. Make sure to copy all the parts exactly. Most of the parts are Race class but go through it carefully to make sure you’ve got it right.

There are optional modifications you can make to the car such as bodykits, rims, and rear wings but that’s up to you.

  • Engine: Stock Powertrain Swap
  • Drivetrain Swap: Stock
  • Aspiration: Single Turbo
  • Tire: Stock Tire Compound
  • Front Tire Width: 235mm
  • Rear Tire Width: 295mm
  • Clutch: Race
  • Transmission: Stock
  • Driveline: Race
  • Differential: Drift Diff
  • Brakes: Race
  • Spring and Dampers: Drift
  • Front Anti Rollbar: Race
  • Rear Anti Rollbar: Race
  • Chassis Reinforcement Roll Cage: Race
  • Weight Reduction: Stock
  • Intake: Race
  • Fuel System: Race
  • Ignition: Race
  • Camshaft: Race
  • Exhaust: Race
  • Valves: Race
  • Displacement: Race
  • Pistons/ Compression: Race
  • Single Turbo: Sport
  • Intercooler: Race
  • Oil/Cooling: Race
  • Flywheel: Stock

Drift Tuning

The tuning stats below are to be copied exactly. You can make tweaks if you want but we think the tune works perfectly. Please note, no transmission upgrades were installed so no changes can be made to the gearing. We have left a note under the gearing section in case you miss it.


  • Front: 3.5
  • Rear: 2.1


No changes were made as we didn’t install a sport or race transmission.



  • Front: -5.0
  • Rear: -1.0


  • Front: 0.3
  • Rear: -0.3

Front Caster

  • Angle: 7.0

Antiroll Bars

  • Front: 35
  • Rear: 22


  • Front: 130
  • Rear: 110

Ride Height

  • Front: 17.2
  • Rear: 20.0


Rebound Stiffness

  • Front: 7.1
  • Rear: 6.0

Bump Stiffness

  • Front: 5.7
  • Rear: 4.0




Braking Force

  • Balance: 25%
  • Pressure: 50%


  • Acceleration: 100%
  • Deceleration: 100%


So there’s the best drift build for the BMW M3 2005 in Forza Horizon 5. Make sure to let us know in the comment section if you like it or if you have any suggestions to change it.

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This tune was originally posted by MoRacer, check out his channel sometime.