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Best Porche 911 Carrera RS Drift Tune Horizon 5


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This guide focuses on Best Porche 911 Carrera RS Drift Tune in Horizon 5.

The 1973 Porche 911 Carrera RS has appeared in nearly Forza Motorsport. It also featured in Horizon 3, 4, and 5. It can be obtained through a barn find and in a wheelspin.

Vehicle History

The Porche 911 Carrera RS was first presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in 1973. It was the successor to the Porsche 911 S.

The Carrera RS had a more powerful engine and a revised suspension. It was also lighter than the standard 911 Carrera. The body was made from thinner gauge steel and the windows were made from plastic.

The Carrera RS was aimed at competition use and it quickly became successful in motorsport events. In 1974, a Carrera RS won its class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

Drift Car Parts

For cosmetic purposes, the RWB Widebody Kit and RWB Race Rear Wing have been added. You can also put your own rims on if you want to. Make sure to place the 4.0L F6 engine in her. Pretty much everything is race but remember to place a Drift Diff and Drift Springs in aswel.

  • Engine: 4.0L F6
  • Drivetrain: Stock
  • Aspiration: Twin Turbo
  • Tire: Drift
  • Front Tire Width: 195mm
  • Rear Tire Width: 235mm
  • Clutch: Race
  • Transmission: Race
  • Driveline: Race
  • Differential: Drift Diff
  • Brakes: Race
  • Spring and Dampers: Drift
  • Front Anti Rollbar: Race
  • Rear Anti Rollbar: Race
  • Chassis Reinforcement Roll Cage: Sport
  • Weight Reduction: Stock
  • Intake: Race
  • Fuel System: Race
  • Ignition: Race
  • Camshaft: Race
  • Valves: Race
  • Exhaust: Race
  • Twin Turbo: Street
  • Intercooler: Race
  • Flywheel: Stock

Drift Tune

The tuning specs below have been added to make the Best Porche 911 Carrera RS Drift Tune. If you made any of your own changes make sure to let me know in the comments sections below.


  • Front: 3.5
  • Rear: 2.1


Final Drive: 3.76

  • 1st: 4.14
  • 2nd: 2.67
  • 3rd: 1.73
  • 4th: 1.33
  • 5th: 1.00
  • 6th: 0.80



  • Front: -5.0
  • Rear: -1.5


  • Front: 1.8
  • Rear: 0.5

Front Caster

  • Angle: 7.0

Antiroll Bars

  • Front: 19.90
  • Rear: 18.20


  • Front: 96.6
  • Rear: 91.7

Ride Height

  • Front: 12.2
  • Rear: 14.7


Rebound Stiffness

  • Front: 7.0
  • Rear: 6.2

Bump Stiffness

  • Front: 5.1
  • Rear: 4.0


  • Front: 39
  • Rear: 113


Braking Force

  • Balance: 23%
  • Pressure: 36%



  • Acceleration: 100%
  • Deceleration: 100%


This tune was made by MoRacer on YT. Check out his channel sometime.

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