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AK47 Best Loadout XDefiant

Check out this AK47 Best Loadout XDefiant guide where we take you through 3 of the best AK47 loadouts in the game including an AK74u convert build.

Oh man, let’s talk about the AK47 assault rifle in video games! Gamers go nuts for this bad boy and for good reason. It’s like the king of all rifles, the epitome of raw power and badassery.

First off, the AK47 is an absolute beast when it comes to firepower. It hits like a truck and packs a serious punch. When you unleash a spray of bullets with this bad boy, enemies go flying, and you feel like a total boss.

It’s that satisfying kick and that unmistakable sound that gets our hearts pumping. The AK47 is all about making a statement: “I’m here to wreak havoc!”

But it’s not just about power, my fellow gamer. The AK47 is known for its reliability. In video games, it’s often portrayed as a workhorse that can take a beating and keep on firing.

It’s like that loyal companion that never lets you down, no matter how intense the battle gets. When you’re deep in the virtual trenches, you want a weapon you can count on, and the AK47 delivers.

Plus, let’s talk aesthetics. The AK47 has that iconic, rugged design that’s instantly recognizable. Its curved magazine, distinctive silhouette, and that menacing barrel make it a symbol of intimidation. When you whip out the AK47 in a game, enemies tremble in fear because they know you mean business.

So without further ado, let’s get into the AK47 Best Loadouts XDefiant guide.

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  • Damage: 22-20-18
  • Rate of Fire: 600RPM
  • Recoil: High

AK47 Best Loadouts XDefiant

Loadout 1 – Old Skool BO1 Fans

This loadout is inspired by one of our favorite class setups from Black Ops 1. So old skool COD fans will love this. The suppressor with the lightweight mags and grip makes the AK47 stealthy and fast.


  • Lightweight Suppressor
  • Lightweight Mags
  • Padded Stock
  • Recon Barrel
  • Heavy Grip

Class Setup

  • Secondary: M1911
  • Device: Frag

Recommended Faction

We recommend running Echelon with this class setup.

Echelon, the Super Spies of the NSA’s initiative, excels in information warfare and subterfuge. Their abilities and playstyle align well with a stealthy and precise approach, making them a suitable choice for your AK47 loadout focused on stealth, speed, and accuracy.

The AK47, a reliable and iconic weapon, can be enhanced with attachments for stealth, speed, and accuracy. Its hard-hitting rounds and versatility make it well-suited for medium-range engagements, allowing you to maintain precision and effectiveness while remaining covert.

As an Echelon agent, you’ll have access to the Sonar Goggles ultra ability. This ability grants you the ability to reveal enemies and hunt them down with the classic Third Echelon 5.7 pistol. It provides you with valuable intel on enemy positions, enabling you to strike with precision and ambush your opponents effectively.

Echelon’s passive trait, Low Profile, ensures that you do not appear on enemy minimaps. This enhances your stealth and allows you to move undetected, making it easier for you to flank enemies and catch them off guard.

The Intel Suit ability is particularly useful for your stealth-focused loadout. It shares the location of nearby enemies with your team, allowing you to provide valuable intelligence and gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.

To further complement your playstyle, the Digital Ghillie Suit ability renders you nearly invisible, especially when you’re stationary. This provides excellent camouflage and enhances your ability to remain undetected while setting up ambushes or scouting enemy positions.

With the Echelon faction and your AK47 loadout optimized for stealth, speed, and accuracy, you can embody the role of a super spy, utilizing your stealthy approach and precise shots to outmaneuver and eliminate your targets.

Loadout 2 – Long Range Cover

This AK47 Loadout is great for long-range engagements. We tried here to maximize accuracy while not sacrificing the ADS times too much. Use this loadout for more defensive game modes.


  • Heavy Barrel
  • ACOG Scope
  • Barrel Extender
  • Tactical Grip
  • Reinforced Stock

Class Setup

  • Secondary: 686 Magnum
  • Device: Proximity Mine

Recommended Faction

For this defensive loadout, we advise you to use the Phantoms faction.

Phantoms, the Future Soldiers, and former Ghosts specialize in battlefield control and are adept at anchoring positions and holding down points. Their abilities and playstyle make them a suitable choice for a loadout focused on long-range defensive engagements with the AK47.

The AK47, known for its reliability and power, can be customized with attachments to enhance its effectiveness in long-range battles. The ACOG scope provides increased magnification and precision, allowing you to engage enemies with accuracy and maintain effective defensive positions.

As a Phantom, you’ll have access to the Aegis ultra ability. This ability equips you with a spherical plasma shield and an electro-scattergun for close-quarters combat. While the Aegis ability is primarily designed for close-range encounters, it can still be useful in defensive situations when enemies get too close to your position.

The Mag Barrier ability is another valuable tool for your defensive playstyle. It deploys an electromagnetic barrier that blocks incoming enemy fire and grenades. This ability provides additional protection when holding down defensive positions and helps you withstand enemy assaults.

By choosing the Phantoms faction, you align yourself with a playstyle that emphasizes control, positioning, and defensive tactics. Utilize your AK47’s long-range capabilities and the ACOG scope’s precision to engage enemies at a distance and deter them from advancing.

Loadout 3 – AK74u Run and Gun

This is a fun AK74u loadout built for players that love to run and gun. However, the AK isn’t very accurate anyway so watch out for insane recoil with this build. You can swap out the magazine for Rapid Fire instead if you want to add some RPM.


  • Folded Stock
  • Superlight Grip
  • Barrel Extender
  • Lightweight Barrel
  • Quick Draw

Class Setup

  • Secondary: 93R
  • Device: Flashbang

Recommended Faction

If you plan to run and gun with an AK47 assault rifle that has been converted into an AK74u, indicating a more compact and close-quarters setup, I would recommend choosing the Cleaners faction.

Cleaners, the Pyro Technicians, are specialists in damage-dealing and close-quarters combat. Their abilities and playstyle align well with your intention to run and gun with an AK74u loadout.

The AK74u, known for its compact size and high rate of fire, is an excellent choice for close-quarters engagements. With the attachments that have converted your AK47 into an AK74u, you can further enhance its mobility and close-range effectiveness.

As a Cleaner, you’ll have access to The Purifier ultra ability, which equips you with a flamethrower, ensuring enemies are thoroughly sterilized in close-quarters combat. The flamethrower can be devastating in tight spaces, allowing you to clear out multiple opponents with its fire and burn damage.

The Incinerator Drone ability is another valuable tool for your run-and-gun playstyle. This napalm-delivering drone burns everything in its flight path, creating chaos and forcing enemies out of cover. It can be especially useful in confined areas or when enemies are trying to hold defensive positions.

With the Cleaners’ emphasis on aggression and damage, combined with your AK74u loadout designed for close-quarters combat, you can become a relentless force on the battlefield. Utilize your high rate of fire, mobility, and the AK74u’s compact size to maneuver swiftly and engage enemies at close range.

AK47 Best Attachments XDefiant

The best attachments for the AK47 in XDefiant are:

  • Heavy Grip
  • Tactical Grip
  • Padded Stock

The AK47 is notorious for vertical recoil, as it is in pretty much every FPS game. This is why any grip attachments that negate vertical recoil will really make the AK more effective, especially from long ranges.


This bad boy is an iconic weapon that has left its mark on the gaming world and real-life battlefields.

Back in the 1940s, the Soviets were like, “Yo, we need a new gun.” So this dude named Mikhail Kalashnikov stepped up and designed the AK47. It hit the scene in 1947 (hence the name) and became a total game-changer.

The AK47 was born for war, with its ruggedness and reliability. It rocked a cool 30-round magazine and fired a powerful 7.62x39mm round, making it a force to be reckoned with. It could handle all kinds of harsh conditions, like sand, mud, and even the occasional water splash.

This rifle became the go-to weapon for armies and rebels around the globe. It found its way into the hands of freedom fighters, guerrillas, and villains in countless video games. You’ve probably wielded it in classics like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Counter-Strike, right?

The AK47’s design was so dope that it spawned a whole family of firearms, like the AKM and AK-74. It influenced weapon designs across the world and became a symbol of revolution and defiance. It even became a cultural icon, featuring in movies, music, and pop culture.

Sure, it’s not the most accurate gun out there, but it compensates with sheer firepower and reliability. It’s got that iconic banana-shaped magazine and a distinct “rat-tat-tat” sound that’s music to any gamer’s ears.