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A Beginners Guide On Becoming A Pro In PUBG

Gaming has been a hobby of amusement for kids and people of all ages for a long time now. Especially due to the recent effects of the pandemic, people prefer staying at home and gaming rather than going outside for any physical sport.

This has created extra hype in the gaming industry and here we will talk about PUBG, which has been the center of attention even before this situation of the pandemic.

However, before getting into the details and methods of acing this game, one of the most prominent issues faced by pro gamers must be brought to light.

Ping and latency are some of the major hurdles faced by pro gamers that hinder their performance in the gaming arena.

In Battle Royale format games like PUBG, a moment’s lag could be the death of you as a player. In such a case, game makers are surely not to be blamed but your poor internet connection could be the main culprit.

To tackle such a situation, regardless of your location in the US, make use of the Hughesnet Gen5 technology offering baling fast speeds all across the US thanks to its satellite-based internet delivery infrastructure.

This will not only reduce latency but will also offer you the city-like internet experience anywhere you are and will help you reach the pro level in PUBG too.

Moving forward, in this article, you will get to know the tactics and strategies you can make use of to become a professional player in this game and prove your mettle as a Battle Royale expert.

Background Of PUBG

PUBG is a game completely free of cost for potential gamers. It features modes of play where a hundred people land on an island in teams of four, they have to eliminate all the rest and only their team should survive to win the game.

There are various maps in the games as well as online deathmatches. PUBG has received such an enormous audience response that it maintained its status as a top-rated game around the globe for a significant amount of time.

1. Understanding The Gameplay

Just because it is a shooting game, does not mean it runs like all others. Survival is the key to success in this game.

It does not matter if you are camping to save yourself, as the game features an algorithm that forces players to come close to each other for a fight.

Hence, assisting your teammates with medical supply kits and reviving them is the only thing you should focus on apart from fighting and surviving until the end.

In short, teamwork is the key here, togetherness and helping one another will take you a long way. 

2. Assessing When To Land The Parachute

All players have to jump off a plane at the start of the match and this is one of the most critical decisions in the whole game.

This assessment will determine whether you are stable enough to last until the end or not. Either you have two options, landing in towns or military bases as you can find the best weapons in that area.

Alternatively, you can take a dive into a remote area with ruins and stay there not to confront many players until the end.

3. Finding The Necessary Gear

Get yourself guns, medical kits, helmets, and any other gadgets you can find along the way that can help in your or your teammate’s protection.

Since there are limited supplies so if you miss the chance, you will have to rely on others to drop their kits for you.

4. Keeping Out Of The Danger (Red) Zone

This game has segregated its map into different sections, the safe, red, and danger zone.

A blue visual on the map presents the safe zone however; it keeps on contracting to create a smaller and more competitive area for the remaining players.

The other zones drain your life and kill you if you do not succeed in getting out of them on time.

5. Teaming Up With Buddies

Apart from playing as a single individual, PUBG consists of multiplayer modes that allow you to collaborate with your friends in a team of two or even four.

This enhances your gaming experience as they help in reviving you when you are running out of breath and assist you in kills.

Final Verdict

This game has a lot of features and gameplay modes that will kill your boredom. Another pro tip is to keep watching your replays to get insights into your past gaming tactics and experience that previously worked for you.

This will help you in determining where you are lacking and will help you improve your game by achieving more and more chicken dinners as a reward.

This game will be an experience you will not regret having.