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Skyline Best Engine Build Need for Speed Heat

Looking for the Best Skyline Engine Build in Need for Speed Heat?? We’ve got you covered, this guide lays out the real stats and times tested on two different tracks in the game. Check it out below 

We all love the Skyline. It’s a symbol of Japanese sports cars and an icon for JDM lovers around the world. The Skyline has featured in nearly every Need for Speed game especially the games focused on street racing.

I was driving around in the Skyline the other night and was wondering what the best engine is. Instead of buying every engine and testing it, I decided to look it up online and I found an awesome YT vid by Militia Gaming. So I decided to do a write-up for it and present it here for you guys.

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Skyline Best Engine

The best engine for the Skyline in Need for Speed Heat is the 592 HP Forged 2.6L I6. This engine came out on the top of the leaderboards on both track tests, Aerion and Aardvark. It was pretty tight on both runs. However, this engine was unbeatable regardless.

Race Time Stats

Below are the race stats testing multiple engines on both Aerion and Aardvark tracks. These results were obtained by doing multiple laps of the tracks and only counting the time if there were no crashes.

Aerion Results

Here we can see the Forged 2.6L I6 engine came out on top by nearly an entire second beating the 4.4L V8 engine. The 4.5L and 3.8L were left in the dust

Aardvark Results

The Aardvark results for the Skyline are below. The Forged engine beats the 4.4L by a very narrow margin but it beats it nonetheless. Every second counts in a race.


So there is it, you now know the best engine to choose next time you are looking into buying an engine for the Skyline in Heat.

This testing was originally carried out by Militia Gaming, go check out his awesome content sometime.