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Best M249 Loadout XDefiant

The M249 is all about the “spray and pray” playstyle. When you whip out this beast, you’re not aiming for precision shots. Nah, you’re all about laying down a wall of lead and creating some serious chaos.

It’s like being the rockstar of firepower, mowing down enemies left and right with an insane rate of fire. Nothing says “total mayhem” like the M249.

But it’s not just about the pure exhilaration of unleashing a storm of bullets. The M249 is a team player’s dream weapon. In many games, it’s classified as a support weapon, designed to provide suppressing fire and suppress enemy movements.

You become the backbone of your squad, providing cover and allowing your teammates to advance. It’s all about that synergy and tactical gameplay, my friend.

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  • Damage: 
  • Rate of Fire: 
  • Recoil: 

Best M249 Loadout XDefiant

Loadout 1 – Running and Gunning

This M249 is an excellent loadout for players who like staying mobile and aggressive. The M249 is kept accurate by the Stabilizing barrel, while Quick Draw and the Padded Stock keep you quick and mobile.


  • Barrel Extender
  • Quick Draw
  • Reflex Sight
  • Padded Stock
  • Stabilizing Barrel

Class Setup

  • Secondary: D50
  • Device: Frag

Recommended Faction

Based on this loadout with the M249 LMG focused on running and gunning while staying mobile, We would recommend the Cleaners faction. The Cleaners are pyro technicians who specialize in close-quarters combat and are known for their aggressive playstyle and high firepower.

The Cleaners’ emphasis on using fire-based weapons and their aggressive approach aligns well with your loadout’s purpose of running and gunning.

With the M249 LMG equipped with the Barrel Extender, Quick Draw, Reflex Sight, Padded Stock, and Stabilizing Barrel, you’ll have the firepower and mobility to quickly move around the battlefield and engage enemies in close-quarters combat.

The Cleaners’ skills, such as The Purifier flamethrower, Incinerator Drone, and Firebomb, will complement your playstyle by providing additional area denial and crowd control abilities.

These skills, combined with your mobile loadout, will allow you to effectively rush into enemy territory, deal massive damage, and disrupt their positions.

So, join the ranks of the Cleaners in XDefiant, embrace their aggressive playstyle, and utilize your M249 LMG to unleash devastating firepower while staying mobile.

The Cleaners’ focus on close-quarters combat and fire-based weaponry will synergize well with your loadout’s purpose, enabling you to be a formidable force on the battlefield. Good luck, and may your speed and firepower overwhelm your opponents!

M249 Best Attachments

The best attachments for the M249 in XDefiant are:

  • Quick Draw
  • Stabilizing Barrel
  • Padded Stock

LMGs have an all-around slow handling speed because of their size. Therefore we suggest any attachments that speed up the handling of the M249. Quick Draw and Padded Stock are great attachments. You can also try the Stabilizing Barrel

M249 IRL

Time to dive into the epic tale of the M249 light machine gun. This baby is a total game-changer that’ll make you rain bullets on your enemies.

The M249, born in the late 1970s, is a beast designed for sustained firepower. It’s like the heavy artillery of the virtual battlefield, mowing down foes with its unstoppable force.

This bad boy fires the mighty 5.56x45mm NATO rounds, unleashing a storm of destruction. With its massive drum magazine, you won’t have to worry about reloading anytime soon. Just keep those trigger fingers dancing!

The M249 is all about unleashing hell and suppressing your enemies. It’s a support weapon that keeps your squad safe and your enemies pinned down. With its high rate of fire and immense ammo capacity, you can turn the tide of any firefight.

Its iconic design and firepower have made the M249 a staple in games like Battlefield and Call of Duty. When you grab this gun, you become a one-person army, ready to lay down a wall of lead and turn the tide of battle.

So there you have it, the glorious history of the M249 light machine gun. It’s the ultimate weapon of destruction, a force to be reckoned with. Pick it up, join your squad, and let the bullets fly as you dominate the virtual battlefield!