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Audi R8 Best Engine Build Need for Speed Heat

This guide goes through the race stats to find out the Audi R8 Best Engine in Need for Speed Heat. Check out race results below to see which engine was crowned the fastest!

The Audi R8 has to be a fan favorite among racing game enthusiasts. Its style and speed really capture the hearts of racers.

But have you ever wondered what the best engine is for it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Militia Gaming Community tested the Audi R8 and here are the results. They will surprise you and even make you laugh.

Best Engine

The best engine for the Audi R8 in Need for Speed Heat is the 5.2L V10. However, this engine is extremely closely tied with other engines in the game. Overall, it’s the most well-rounded engine for the Audi R8. That’s good news for you because the engine is also free because it’s the stock engine.

Race Time Stats

Below are the results of every engine tested on both the Aerion and Aardvark tracks.

Aerion Results

The Aerion track results are interesting. The 3.9L V8 came out on top here but only by a very narrow 0.5 seconds. So close that you could call this a draw.

Aardvark Results

During the Aardvark testing, the 5.0L V8 came out on top. It’s important to notice that it’s not by much.

Track Results Compared

The results of both races were so close that the results had to be compared and an overall best was chosen based on who came in the top 2 or 3 most often. It turned out to be the 5.2L V10.


This was a funny result for the Audi R8. It turned out that the stock engine is the most rounded engine for this car.

So don’t go buying any engine for the Audi R8. Stick with the stock engine and just soup it up to your liking.

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