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Best Places to Land in Fortnite Chapter 2

Have you have been wondering where are the best landing spots in Fornite Chapter 2? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

The best places to land in Fortnite is always a hot topic among fans. After all, landing in a bad place could send you straight back to the lobby and we don’t want that. Landing in the correct place and having a strategy to rotate is crucial to getting that Victory Royale. 

This guide will show you all the best places to land along with a map you can use for quick reference.

We will also explain the reasoning behind landing in these spots along with tips on how to rotate to the line if needed.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Best Jump Spots

Spot 1: Risky Reels

First up on the list of best landing spots in Fortnite is Risky Reels. This spot is reminiscent of the Risky Reels we saw in Season 6. However, it’s now smaller and more condensed. You cannot miss this spot when you land. You will see the cars and large movie screen area.

In Risky Reels, there is an abundance of cars, wooden and brick buildings to max out your materials. On top of all these materials, there are an incredible 10 chests to loot. In addition, you will also find an abundance of floor loot, ammo crates and even a campfire to heal up after a gunfight.

After you’re done in Risky, make your way over to a little forested area to the west of Frenzy. This area has a few standing stones with chests on top of them.

Now that you’re in the forest, make sure to farm the abundance of trees and large stones if you’re not at max materials. You will also find lots of mushrooms you can farm for shield health.

Note: Be on the lookout for the large bushes, inside the bushes you can find hidden ammo and sometimes weapons. 

Spot 2: Logjam Woodworks

Logjam looks exactly the way it sounds. Packed with a crazy amount of crates and logs to farm wood. In addition to an abundance of wood, Logjam also contains 4 chests, a decent amount of floor loot and even an Upgrade Station. 

If you’re not sure what an upgrade station is. Head over to our article that covers all the new features in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Moreover, if you wonder to the outskirts of the main building, you will find another chest including lots of trucks for metal and brick walls for brick farming. 

After you’re done looting Logjam, a good idea is to head over to nearby Weeping Woods. There you will find more log cabins to loot from and more trees and rocks. Another great area to loot is the watchtower in Weeping Woods. At the top, you will find more chests and loot.

If the circle is far away, remember to use the river to rotate faster. For example, if you need to get to the circle, swim down the lake to Slurpy. Slurpy has a boat you can use to quickly get upriver to the next circle. 

Spot 3: E.G.O Barracks

This spot is rarely contested in the game so make use of it before more people find out. E.G.O barracks is a small military camp with 3 small bunkers. 

Here you can find 4 chests and an insane amount of metal. Literally, everything in the barracks is made of metal including the beds, trucks, fences and even the bunkers will bag you a crazy amount of metal.

On top of that, there is also an abundance of trees to be farmed for wood in the surrounding area. When you’re done here, make your way over to the gas station to the north of E.G.O barracks.

The gas station has an additional 3 chests including more wood, metal and brick sources. As well as lots of floor loot inside the gas station. 

Spot 4: Fort Crumpet

Fort Crumpet is an epic castle to the west of Sweaty Sands. Fort Crumpet provides a total of 7 chests and plenty of floor loot. In addition to this, it is also a brick heaven because of all the breakable castle walls.

You can easily max out your brick here in just a few seconds. The castle is also surrounded by trees for wood farming. 

But it doesn’t end here. To the south of the castle is a small beach area with a little shack with a chest. 

If you head up the beach you will find a boat, along with lots of metal containers. These containers will easily max out your metal inventory. In addition, the containers will have even more floor loot inside. Be on the lookout for fishing rods that you can use to fish for some Floppers or Slurpfish. 

If you want to know more about fishing in Fortnite. Check out our guide on fishing in Fortnite now.

Spot 5: Hydro 16

Hydro 16 is a large hydro plant located between Misty Meadows and Slurpy Swamp. You want to land at the building at the bottom of the dam. Here you will find 5 chests and plenty of floor loot throughout. 

There is also plenty of wood, metal and brick sources for your to farm. When you’re finished in Hydro, take the zipline to the top of the dam. At the top of the dam, you can find more small buildings with more chests and a large bridge with floor loot and cars.

Landing in this location gives you a lot of options depending on where the storm is. You can explore the woods nearby or make your way towards Misty Meadows.

Spot 6: The Orchard

The Orchard sits directly north of Frenzy Farms. It is more spread out with multiple buildings to land in, which makes it a risky place to land if multiple people drop there.

However, it is a fantastic place to land, boasting 10 chests, an upgrade station, and an abundance of wood pallets.

The building to the southeast of The Orchard is surrounded by cars and large stones for material farming. Also, there are lots of haystacks and dumpsters to hide in. 

Keep that in mind if you see someone else land. You can quickly get a gun and hide in the haystack, then wait for the enemy to get close. Use these new features tactically to win get more kills early on in the game.

Another important aspect of The Orchard is the tonnes of apples that spawn there. Apples make it easy to replenish your health after a gunfight. If there are not many on the ground, simply knock down a tree or two.

We recommend rotating directly over the hill into Frenzy Farm. You can normally pick off some unsuspecting enemies caught in gunfights.

Spot 7: Homely Hills

The final best spot to land in Fortnite Chapter 2 Apollo Map is Homely Hills. Homely Hills can be found northeast of Pleasant Park. It is a scattered settlement of about 5 houses overlooking the ocean. 

Each house contains 1 chest except for the house to the west of Homely. This house has two chests. Moreover, Homely will reward you with plenty of wood from the houses and floor loot scattered throughout the area. 

After you have cleared Homely, head on down to the water shore to the west of the settlement. Here you will find plenty of rock to farm. There is also a boat you can use to get to the next circle. 

While you flee on the boat, don’t forget to stop at the crash site island. If it hasn’t been looted already. You can possibly bag yourself 3 more chests. This brings the total chest count up to 9. Not bad!