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Modern Warfare Update (V1.08) Patch Notes (11/11)

Update Highlights

  • 725 Nerf – range reduced
  • M4A1 Decrease head damage
  • FAL Buff
  • Piccadilly Spawn Adjustments
  • Challenges updating fix

Official Patch Notes

Hi everyone!

We have an update rolling out around midnight PST tonight, 11/11. Since we have notes ready, we figured we’d post them ahead of the update going out. Check out the fixes below:


  • More backend fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability across all modes and all platforms
  • Riot Shield:
    • Fix for a bug where a player using the Riot Shield would not take explosive damage during certain situations
    • Fixed an issue where the Riot Shield stow on the players back when using Stim. (Tactical)


  • Now always play walk footstep sounds when in ADS and crouch independent of speed
  • Increased the speed in which you can remain using the walk footstep sounds by slightly pressing on the movement stick


  • General fix for the UI and Challenge state getting out of sync. We’ll continue to monitor and make additional fixes as needed in future updates
  • Fix for a challenge related error that could occur; DEV ERROR 5476
  • Fix for Mission Challenge description, “Get Kills with a Burst Weapons” being too vague.
  • Piccadilly:
  • Spawn tuning while playing TDM and Domination
  • Domination flag adjustments; B Flag is now near the busses instead of the center fountain
  • Weapons:
  • ARs: Minor hip spread adjustment
  • 725: Reduce range
  • M4: increase hip spread, decrease damage to the head
  • FAL: Reduced recoil, increased ADS speed
  • EB-14: Increase ADS speed
  • Miscellaneous ammo reserve adjustments upon spawning to be in-line with other weapons of their class
  • Special Operations:
  • Fix for a bug where a player using the Overkill perk with an SMG as their secondary would sometimes spawn without a primary weapon when joining a match in progress