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Acura RSX X Best Tune Need For Speed Unbound

Vehicle Background

The Acura is a Japanese sports coupe made for the American market. The Acura RSX and its various models have appeared in several Need for Speed titles as far back as Need for Speed Underground in 2003. So it’s nothing new to NFS fans.

To unlock the Acura RSX X in NFS Unbound, you need to complete 3 Tier B Playlists. Keep in mind you don’t have to win the playlists, you just have to take part in them.

Vehicle History For Car Nerds

The Acura RSX Type-S was a 2004 model year compact sports car manufactured by Honda’s luxury arm, Acura. This vehicle was the second generation of Acura’s Integra line, succeeding the highly successful and popular Integra, and it was sold as either a two-door coupe or a three-door hatchback.

The Type-S version of the RSX featured an upgraded 2.0 liter DOHC iVTEC engine that produced 200 horsepower and 142 foot pounds of torque, allowing for 0 to 60 mph times in 6.5 seconds and top speeds of 140 mph.

The Type-S also came with bigger brakes than its base model counterpart, offering improved stopping power. It also featured more aggressive styling which included larger 17 inch alloy wheels, a front spoiler lip, a rear diffuser panel, side skirts, a rear wing, and an enlarged exhaust pipe.

Inside, the Type-S had exclusive red interior stitching on the door panels and black leather bucket seats with heated side bolster for increased comfort during spirited driving sessions.

In 2004 when it debuted, the Acura RSX Type-S was highly praised for its performance capabilities at an affordable price point. It received recognition from Car & Driver for both the “10 Best Cars” award and the “5 Best Trucks” award in 2006 due to its low cost yet excellent handling and performance features. Motor Trend magazine noted that “the RSX is one of the most sophisticated small cars available in America”.

When it first arrived on the market in 2004, the Acura RSX Type-S immediately gained popularity amongst young drivers looking to get behind something that provided sporty looks combined with performance capabilities comparable to some much more expensive vehicles at the time.

The RSX quickly became one of Honda’s best-selling models due to its strong value proposition featuring great fuel efficiency coupled with sufficient power and versatility for everyday commuters seeking thrilling weekend fun drives alike.

The 2004 Acura RSX Type-s will go down as one of Honda’s most successful modern sport compacts; it proved that a sporty car doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Although production ended after 2006 model year due to high demand for crossover vehicles such as CRV or Pilot which made them more profitable investments for Honda compared to sports coupes like RSX. This vehicle will still be remembered fondly by those who drove it or dreamed about owning one during their younger years.

Acura RSX X Best Tune

This Acura RSX X Best tune is a B Tier car and one of the fastest and best in its tier. This tune has been originally made by the team at Militia Gaming Community.

Builds Stats

  • Top Speed: 161MPH
  • 1/4 Mile: 13.4s
  • 0-60MPH: 4.7s


Remember this is a B-tier tune so no need to go overboard with the parts. Keep the engine stock with most of the parts either Sport or Pro. Whack a 6-speed gearbox in her along with both super Nitrous drift and Super Nitrous grip as auxiliary.

  • Engine: 292HP 2.0l I4
  • Induction: Pro
  • ECU: Sport
  • Fuel System: Sport
  • Exhaust: Sport
  • Roots Supercharger: Sport
  • NOS: Pro
  • Suspension: Elite Neutral
  • Brakes: Basic
  • Tires: Super Grip
  • Clutch: Pro
  • Gearbox: 6 Speed
  • Differential: Elite
  • Auxiliary: Nitrous Drift/ Nitrous Grip

Handling Settings

  • Handling: 100% Grip
  • Steering Sensitivity: +5
  • Downforce: +5
  • Drift Entry: Brake Tap