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Need for Speed Most Wanted Redux Free Download 2022


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Most Wanted 2005 is arguably the best Need for Speed ever made. People loved the underground vibes mixed with high-speed cop chases. I went back to play it on my old PS2 and even though it was a nostalgia trip, it looked dreadful.

Speaking of Underground, we have an NFS Underground 2 modding guide that you should check out if you’re a fan of old skool NFS.

I imagined the graphics being so good back in the day. Unfortunately, the old PS2 graphics just don’t hold up in this day and age. You could clearly see jagged edges around the cars and the smoke trails looked like giant blocks of grey pixels. Everything isn’t smoothed out like in current-gen platforms.

But there’s hope yet. Here’s where computers take the stage as superior, or so the PC master race claims. But seriously, I went searching around on YouTube and Google and I found the Redux mod.

The mod has received a lot of attention and rightly so because it’s the best NFS Most Wanted mod.

To save you time looking around for it, I’ve left a link to the download below.

Download Need for Speed Most Wanted Redux Mod

The mod has been updated since December 2022. Here is a link to download Redux V3. The link takes you to YouTube. Check the description of the video for the links to download the mod.

Setting the Correct Scripts

Before you run the TextMod you must change some settings in the Scripts folder. Please see the step-by-step guide below. Please make sure you do this before running TextMod.

  • Go to the Scripts folder
  • Select the file named “NFSMostWanted.WidescreenFix”. Once this file is open set your screen resolution and controller gamepad setting if you’re playing on a controller. See the image below:

NOTE: Set the resolution to whatever your monitor is. I chose 1920×1080 because that’s what I play in. Also, the gamepad setting here is 2. This is for the PS2 configuration. Please select 1 for the Xbox 360 configuration.

  • Next, go to the NFSMWHDReflections file and copy the same resolutions you used for the Widescreen settings.
  • REMEMBER to hit FILE and SAVE before exiting each file.

Running Textmod & Improved Graphics for Most Wanted Redux

This is super easy to set up but make sure you run this Textmod every time you want to play Most Wanted. Follow these steps below:

  • Open the file you downloaded named: “NFSMW REDUX 2020”. It’s a RAR file so you may need WinRAR to open it. You can download WinRAR for free on their official website.
  • Open the folder and look for the folder called TPF Files. This is the TextMod folder. You need this to run the updated graphics.
  • Select 1 and then 2 marked on the image below.
  • When here, scroll down and select the speed.exe file.
  • Once you have the TextMod application ready. Choose the packages you want by clicking the small folder (number 3)
  • Now select the packages you want to run. These are the tpf files. You should see them below. If they’re not there, click Browse and look for them in the TPF folder mentioned above.
  • Once you have the packages selected, you should see them in the box on the left “selected packages”(number 4) These mods are ready to run now. Hit Run(number 5).

Finally, the game should start with the mods installed and ready to play.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There was a recent update to the Widescreen File. If you get the prompt to update the file, cancel it. This update has been causing crash issues. Just skip the update and we’ll keep this post updated until further notice.

UPDATE 3/6/2020: If you have already updated the game as mentioned above and your game is still not working, try this. In the Widescreen Setting File. Change “WriteSettingsFile” to 1 and make sure to play the game in full HD meaning 1080.

The Widescreen Settings can be found in the Scripts folder. Please refer to the guide above if you’re not sure how to adjust the settings.

SOURCE: The mod has been created by KryZeePlays. You can check out his channel for more awesome gaming content.

24 thoughts on “Need for Speed Most Wanted Redux Free Download 2022”

    1. Actually, scratch that. It’s screwed. I can’t find a link anywhere, to be honest! It looks like the mod owner was striked multiple times for trying to distribute it. I’ll stay tuned to see if he posts an update!

  1. hi kavogaming .. hope you are healthy always :), here i would like to say a big thank you because you have given the game for free and have no difficulty while downloading the game, you are the best 1000 in 1 .. and i have one request to ask you upload a lot of free games, and I will continue to support you and continue to share these benefits to others .. to be honest from me thank you again kavo gaming

  2. I need help please. I got the game, Every time I launched it crashed immediately can you help me, I tried to change resolution but no improvement, Help =(

      1. Hello Cristobal, there are a few possible solutions to this error. I believe it’s your computer and not the game.

        1. Update .NET framework – Google it.
        2. Run the NFSMW exe as Admin. Right-click run as Admin.
        3. Reinstall your game which will give you all clean files. Sometimes it’s a file error.
        4. Reinstall DirectX.
        5. Check your Windows for updates.

        Hope that helps 😊

    1. after i press run after setting up the text mod and pressing run it tries to run but closes the game but if i launch it without the text mod it loads to me picking my profile as soon as i click my profile it shuts the game down

      1. Hey man, not sure what that could be to be honest, Try to leave a reply on the modders YouTube video. He normally replies to people!

    2. they are asking for password
      i copied and pasted the password given in the site i.e “redux2.3”,but it is showing incorrect.


      1. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the mod so I can’t help you. The owner put the password on the file so they may have changed it. Try searching the vid up on Youtube and check if it’s been updated!

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