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Need for Speed Underground 2 Free Download


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Need for Speed Underground 2 was released on November 9th, 2004. All those years on and it is still regarded as one of the best racing games of all time. I remember the day vividly. It was a Tuesday and I was given the game as a gift from a friend of the family.

I was only 12 years old so the hype was real. All those years on. Never did I think I would be downloading the game again. Although now I can play Need For Speed Underground 2 Widescreen.

It’s actually quite straightforward. To play Need For Speed Underground 2 Widescreen. You need to download the Need For Speed Underground 2 patching software. The patching software enables you to change the in-game resolution. However, you can only patch the game if you have a cracked version of Underground 2. Cracked means the game has been altered by somebody so it can be played on any computer. Essentially, you don’t need a product key to play the game.

Table of Contents

Free Cracked Copy of Need For Speed Underground 2

I’ve updated this post since making it a while back. I’ve since found a free copy of the game complete with 1080p compatibility. It also has both graphics mods by Dragozool and High Visions.

I highly recommend using the High Visions Mod because it gives the best visuals overall, in my opinion. Try both and see what you think. When you download the file, there may be updates to Textmod or other applications. Make sure to update them if you see something off with the game.

Please use the contact form by clicking on the button below. We will advise you on where you can obtain the download. After you send a message, make sure to check your spam folder over the next few days. We should reply within a day or so.

Minimum PC Specs to run Need for Speed Underground 2

The best thing about it is that the game is really old. So you don’t even need a high spec computer to play it. Take a look below at the minimum specs required to run the game.

  • CPU: Pentium III or Athlon XP. CPU SPEED: 933 MHz
  • GPU: AGP Video Card with 32 MB and a DirectX 8.1 compatible driver (GeForce2+ /Radeon 7500+)
  • RAM: Minimum 256 MB
  • OS: Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
  • Disc Space: 2 GB

But I don’t have a cracked Need For Speed Underground 2

But how do I get a cracked version you say? Don’t worry I have compiled everything you need to make the process as streamlined as possible. Follow the step by step guide below. To patch NFSU2 to widescreen.

How to Patch Need for Speed Underground 2 to Widescreen

Step 1: Download the Need For Speed Underground 2 Widescreen ZIP File Below

The first thing you should do is download the files below. Do this by clicking on the download link below. The file you download will contain a cracked version of NFSU2. It will also include the software you need to patch the game.

I have also included other cracked versions as a backup. This is in case the first one doesn’t work. Finally, you will find an EU car file and a US car file. I will explain more about that later. After you download the file move on to Step 2. 

Step 2: Extract the folder to your Desktop

When you have downloaded the ZIP folder. Create a new folder on your Desktop and name it “NFSU2 Widescreen”. It doesn’t really matter what you name it honestly. Just name it something you will remember so it is easy to find.

Next, go to the ZIP folder and open it. Extract the files inside the ZIP folder to your new folder “NFSU2 Widescreen”. After you have extracted the files to your new folder. Step 3 will tell you what to do with them. 

If you can’t open ZIP files I recommend downloading WinRAR. They’re the compression tool I use all the time. I love it because it’s free to use. 

Step 3: V1.2 Patch and Backup your files

Take a look in your new folder. You should see 5 folders and 2 other ZIP folders. The folders are:

  • Cracked Speed2.exe
  • EU Cars
  • US Cars
  • V1.2 patcher
  • Wide Patcher
  • Speed 2 (X2)

Firstly, open the V1.2 patcher folder. Here you will find the patcher for the US version of the game and the UK/EU version of the game. If you’re not from the EU. Use the US version and run the patcher. This will update your game files to the latest version of NFSU2. If you’re from the EU use the UK patcher to update your game files. 

Secondly, Go into the “cracked speed2.exe” folder. Here you will find a speed2.exe file. This is a cracked version of NFSU2. You need to copy this file into your Need For Speed Underground 2 root folder. 

However, before you do this. Please go to your Need For Speed U2 root folder. Find your original speed2.exe file and copy and paste it somewhere else. This is a backup file in case the patcher doesn’t work. Whatever you do. Do not replace this file with the cracked file. You could end up breaking your game

Step 4: Boot up UNIWS tool and Find speed2.exe

After you have replaced the original speed2.exe with the cracked version. Go back to the NFSU2 Widescreen folder and open the folder called widepatcher. Here you will find the uniws tool and patches file. 

uniws and patches files in Need for Speed Underground 2 widescreen folder

Right-click and run as administrator. The widescreen patcher will boot up. At the top menu, you will be given the option to choose which game you want to patch. Click on Need For Speed Underground 2. 

When you do that. Click the “Find it for me” button. The tool will find the speed2.exe file in your NFSU2 root folder. 

Universal Widescreen Patcher interface

Step 5: Set your Resolution and Patch the Game

Finally, type in the resolution you want to play the game on. In this case, it will be Screen Width: 1920, Height: 1080. When you have done this click the Patch button at the bottom right of the tool. 

You should be able to play the game on widescreen monitors now. Remember to set the screen resolution in-game to 640×480 to use this feature. 

Troubleshooting Need for Speed Underground 2 Widescreen

I cannot set the resolution to 1080

If you cannot set the resolution from inside the UNIWS tool. It means the speed2.exe file is not cracked. You need to go to the other speed2 files in the folder you downloaded from here. Extract them and repeat the process from step 3. However, you do not need to patch the game to v1.2 again.

My game keeps crashing when I exit shops and garages in free roam

This is annoying, isn’t it? Happened to me too. Fortunately, I have a solution. This is where the US and EU car files come into use. If you have the US version of the game. Go into the car directory in your Need for Speed Underground 2 root folder and copy and paste the EU car files in. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go back to your NFSU2 Widescreen folder and find the EU cars folder. There you will find the folders for the Peugeot 106 and Corsa. Copy these two folders
  • Step 2: Locate your Need for Speed Underground 2 root folder
  • Step 3: Open the root folder and find the cars folder. Open the car folder.
  • Step 4: Paste the Peugeot 106 and Corsa folders in here.

That should stop the game from freezing when entering and exiting buildings in free roam. Repeat the same steps if you have the EU version of the game. Except, copy and paste the US cars into the cars folder.

The game is stuck on a black loading screen when I try to play it

For this bug, I searched around and found various solutions. So I will share them all with you here. The first solution is to always boot the game as an administrator. The second is to boot the game in compatibility mode especially if you are using Windows 10.

To set the game to always run as administrator and in compatibility mode. Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Find the speed2.exe file in your Need for Speed root folder
  • Step 2: Right-click on it and select Properties. Look for the Compatibility mode option.
  • Step 3: Select the Compatibility tab at the top right
  • Step 4: Click the option “Run this program in compatibility mode for”. This will be selected when you see the tick in the box.
  • Step 5: Click Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • Step 6: Scroll down and select the option to run this program as administrator

Boot up your game and try it out. The crashes should be gone.

Other pesky bugs

If you insert the UK cars into the US game. And vice versa with the US cars. You may run into some freezing issues. If you are playing the US version of the game and select an EU car.

Sometimes the game may freeze during load screens. This same thing occurs if you select a US car when playing the EU game. I have yet to find a solution to this. The only way to get around it is to not use the foreign cars. Let me know if you have found another way around this.


If you have followed the 5 simple steps. You should be able to play Need For Speed Underground 2 in widescreen. Make sure to reach out in the comment section if you have any issues or questions. If you enjoyed the guide. I recommend you check out more gaming guides here. Trust me you’ll like them.

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